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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in INDIA...
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It's a taboo to be a lesbian in India. I cannot go anywhere without being stared at if I'm with my girlfriend and even though I try not to let other people bother me, how can I ignore almost over 100's of people staring at the same time, every second when Im outside the house.

I want to feel safe to hold my girls hand and kiss her in public without always having my alert button on, hoping noone kicks up a fuss.

My girlfriend is British and she came to visit me in February 2013. It was the best time of my life even though I was scared to be open in public, regardless of the fact that I'm out to my family. We want to get married as soon as we can but the law doesn't allow us to. It would be ideal if we could get married in India but India doesnt recognise homosexuality yet , and I can't go to UK to get married that easily.

We've been together close to 2 years now and all we do is love each other dearly, I want to be able to walk freely and proudly in my own country with my -to-be- wife wihtout being scared and looked at like I'm some sort of freak.
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Kaniz Fatima posted for lesbian readers on 20/12/2012 tagged with hiv/aids , human rights +5
My name is Kaniz Fatima and i am from Calcutta and i was in relationship with a woman for 1yr and 7months and she broke of with me for 4 times and she broke off with me before but she came back but this time it very hard and there are some reason which was not true which she should have asked me rather beleaving on others. and the people whom i have trusted from Velvet Group of NGO's and they are the partner of NGO whom i told that my Partner she doest want me to get engaged with NGO people and i told NGO partner that when ever you people see us togather anywhere in kolkata please do not let her know that we know each other or else she will broke off with me but they told her when she asked them for help and they made a mess in my life instead of helping us they ruin our life. i told her we all need help and support but she denied me. And when she was in trouble she took there help and she even informed me about and i was so happy about it and thought that once i am back in calcutta i will tell her everything and i will take her to there house but it was too late and the NGO people they ruin our LOVE LIFE. But yes i told her a lie just to save our relationship and i still Love her no matter what but all i need a support from her end she should have waited for me and i told her her let me come back from Chennai i will talk to you but she refused to talk to me what i should do now and yes i will take those NGO partner's name who doesnt helps anyone they only think about themselves anh there Lavish life. This is USA based NGO of LGBT comunity they provieds everything for people like us that we can live our life but they do not think about us they are only concern abut themselves. Is all my request to USA based NGO Head Member whom i concern please take care of this matter as soon as possible. I LOVE YOU DEBJANI DAS you are only one whom i loved alot and still i love you.
And this is my contact number of mine +91 8124841967 +91 9748570328
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BREAKING FREE is a landmark film project that attempts to bring in change for the LGBT community in India by highlighting the pain & trauma as well as hope & happiness.

With more than 100 interviews across India of LGBTQH persons as well as activists, advocates, changemakers, etc; the film weaves poignant personal stories with the landmark events and huge changes in the community space.

Post production is now in progress and we NOW NEED YOUR SUPPORT MORE THAN EVER to complete the project.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Every small bit help. And there are fabulous incentives.

Please contribute to our project through below links. EVERY CONTRIBUTION IS VALUABLE and greatly helpful.

International Supporters: http://www.indiegogo.com/breakingfreeindia

Contributions can be ANONYMOUS too. There is also facility for paying by CASH OR CHEQUE through GharPay option. See right hand top on the site.

Get regular updates about the film at www.facebook.com/breakingfreeindia

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Rahul Bharadwaj (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 08/05/2012 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, illegality of male to male relationships +9
Hi, I was just being a normal gay when this guy +91 9126034652 gt into my life nd made a hell out it. continuously mkin fun of my orientation nd harassing me in public. he's gttin me tocommit suicide.
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Velvet Milestones:

2008- Conceptualization of Velvet to create a safe space for LBT community which was absent in kolkata specially. People needed a friendly environment with privacy and security where they can discuss their day to day life and ask for help if needed.
2009- Velvet Facebook group launched. Base shifted to Delhi. More than 300 members joined. Regular nteraction, discussion and exchange of ideas started actively on facebook.
2009- Took part in Delhi Queer Pride 2009
Organized community based programs
Active participation in queer scenario of Delhi
2010- Took part in Delhi Queer pride 2010
2011- Networked with Mumbai queer community actively
Back to kolkata to focus dedicatedly on VELVET along with Alka Kedwal
Actively participated in KOLKATA RAINBOW PRIDE FESTIVAL 2011
Introduced LBT participation in Kolkata Pride walk 2011, 17th july for the
first time.
Velvet Became support group for LGBT
Velvet became recognized by ILGA
Started personalized counseling for LBT community
Started close interaction with Sangini to have them as Mentor to Velvet
Sonali and Alka came out in FEMINA ANNIVERSARY ISSUE 14th October
2011 as lesbian couple
Took part in IBN7 Zindegi Live talk show as Lesbian couple- to be aired on
November 2011
More than a dozen individual ongoing cases handled and still getting requests
Creating Network between LGBT community in Kolkata to fight loneliness
among queer population
To register Velvet as a trust by January 2012.
To start mainstream activities to build and spread awareness and eliminate Homophobia
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Srishti the first LGBT friends circle of Madurai (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay lesbian bisexual straight readers on 17/10/2011 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools, health, hiv/aids , gender identity, human rights, sexual orientation, religion +4
Madurai throbs with more than 3700 gays &
we the Srishti first Gay friendly LGBT circle of Madurai is here for gathering all Bisexuals & gays in & around our city

Srishti works for creating awareness among all college students in madurai through NSS

we arrange progrms on Sexual orientation

our people counsel the uneducated community abt homosex

we conduct seminars with our officials from delhi, mumbai, chennai for teaching college students by conveying them homosex is not a sin or
it is not a disorder or gay are not transgenders
or its not unnatural task with human

we fight for LGBT rights in madurai & trying to make madurai as a comfortable place for Gays & Lesbians.

we works with TamilNadu Govt Aids awareness progs in madurai

planning to conduct the LGBT rainbow festival in madurai on 2012.

plz refer wikipedia about LGBT & Homosexuality in India

you can be a supporter for gathering all Homosexuals under one roof in madurai.

if u like to volunteer our progrms contact Sarva 9092282369

come & join with Srishti
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Subhankar Zac (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 25/08/2011 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, sexual orientation +4
India is still a homophobic country. I am currently studying in a college in India, extremely homophobic people. The laws in India do not protect LGBT people from discrimination. I have lived in a homophobic region for 18 years, in which even related to a gay is a shameful thing for people. I tried to study my college years in Less homophobic places like, Spain, UK, NY, etc but couldn't go ONLY because my funds was low, although My application was accepted. I am still seeing hate comments and discrimination in all places in India. I am tired of fighting and M scared for my life in this country because the laws don't support us and I cant come out of the closet. I m sure my story wont may not be much attention and will be kept like a pile of other stories. But I m just screaming inside of me and just want to scream every time, when anyone tells a hate comment about gays. I just cant Live in India anymore. I have no money to study in a place where gays are not killed, nor can I stay here where there is too much homophobia. I just wanna leave India forever. or I will not survive for much longer.
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Vijusha Neelam (user currently living in UNITED KINGDOM) posted for transgender readers on 15/12/2010 tagged with human rights +4
My name is Vijusha Neelam, I am a transgender from India but undergone operation. At present i am in UK, doing my MBA. I had one same sex partner named Ms.Radhika for last 10 years, she separated me from my previous partner and when i married one man to settle her and the other girl friend, she was with me along with him and made me to leave him legally so as to live with her. My ex-friend Mr.Santhosh who is living with his wife, and three children deceived me and started having illegal sexual relationship with my partner. They both wanted to hide their relationship with me and when ever i go to India, wanted to be with me normal as she is my partner and he is my friend. I came to know this through Santhosh's brother, when i questioned they threw me out of the house. They both deceived me and ruined me physically, mentally, socially and economically. I want to fight for my rights legally, i need your gracious help. Hope you can do some thing. I have evidence of letters, photoes, greeting cards, and a house on both of our name which i bought.

waiting with great hope for your help.

Vijusha Neelam.
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shoni (user currently living in INDIA) posted for transgender readers on 06/07/2010 tagged with gender identity, human rights, sexual orientation +5
I used to meditate on various religious texts and by that i faced a terrible curse, god has forbiddened my right to mate i am destined to be a transgender. I am osterized from the social line no job nothing .I have got two aged parent's to look open, i am a big fun amongst my relatives and friends . I can't take this any more, on the verge of committing suicide pls help me if you have gopt counsellors . Help me to get a job amongst your members or make me a part of your team
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Sinaark (user currently living in INDIA) posted for straight readers on 09/06/2010 tagged with human rights +10
Hi Everyone. This is Sinaark from India, Asia. I'm a film maker. I'm currently working on a script. Though the 377 section(LGBT rights) has become legalised in our country in the last year, still 90% people are treating it as a different issue.My script is to establish LGBT is nothing but a pure form of love and it's natural. With it the awareness portion will also be there.

I've assisted few national award winning directors in our country. I need help from all over the world. As it is an inspirational story I need financial support. Please response me.@ thegreatark@yahoo.co.in
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