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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in INDIA - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in INDIA...
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786pill4PAIN SOULmaybaGOD (user currently living in INDIA) posted for intersex readers on 24/07/2014


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sunil (user currently living in INDIA) posted for straight readers in response to this story on 22/07/2014
hi i m sunil ..... for faridabad .. i love sex with lasbo ..
my id is sunilbhati123456@gmail.com
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Ajay Sathyan (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 28/06/2014 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, gender identity, human rights, sexual orientation, armed forces, illegality of male to male relationships
My name is Ajay Sathyan and I live in Chennai, India. Three weeks ago I was molested and beaten by the police. Below is my write up about that incident.


I’ve mustered every bit of courage that is left in me to write this. To finally write about the darker side of Chennai. By doing this I know I’m risking a lot, but I’m not going to be just another victim who is not going to show his face, who is not going to share his name or tell his story. I want tell everyone that violence against LGBT people is real and it exists even in Chennai.

It may come as a shock to many Indians and expats who have lived in this city for a considerable time. You may have known that Chennai is the most tolerable and one the most hospitable cities in India. You may have heard that it is a city that harbors the friendliest of people and the smartest of minds. But there are exceptions to the rule; I’ve experienced those exceptions – horrific, painful and haunting exceptions. Experiences that have left me traumatized and damaged to the extent that I wake in the middle of the night screaming in agony. Here is one such incident that has deprived me of my sleep, my peace, my strength, my sprit, my faith; an incident that pushed me to take my life – once again.

It was one of the worst days of my life – Friday, 6th June 2014. Earlier in the evening, I was laughed at an interview yet again. The HR was convincing me that I will never get a job anywhere as long as I existed and I had to wait till 8:30 PM to listen to her yap after clearing rounds of interviews and tests. I was so close to telling her my hindrances. So close to telling her about my learning disabilities and that I’m obviously gay and that these factors have cost me my career. But I decided not to tell her. I knew she would not understand, I knew she would judge me because she is ignorant and I didn’t want to be embarrassed all over again in this company too. Crestfallen, I was on my way to my parent’s place where I stay these days. I had to take a bus and a train to reach my destination and then walk another 40 minutes in the dark, crossing a cremation ground, a lake, and a few creepy deserted places. Every day when I step out, I always hope and wish that I don’t get molested or hurt.

On that blessed Friday, my hopes were meant to go down the drain. I got off the train late in the evening around half past 10 and began to walk towards my parent’s place. I always wear earphones listening to music and swiftly walk to avoid anything near or around me. When I was 20 minutes away from my destination I noticed around 8-10 cops standing near a police jeep. Almost all of them were not in their uniforms from their waist above. I was able to confirm that were cops by the khaki pants and the brown shoes that they were wearing. I saw three policewomen and five -six policemen. One of the policewomen, as I quickly passed them pointed to me and yelled “Why are you wearing that thing that women wear? Why are you wearing leggings?” I picked up my pace and walked faster pretending not hearing her. She immediately signaled two policemen to grab me. The two policemen ran to me, grabbed me by the back of my neck and dragged me to the group, as I kept protesting and fighting. One of the men hit me in my shin with his stick for not stopping and instead, walking away. The women kept saying “Ai ombothu (offensive term for a hijra), pottai (offensive term for an effeminate man) can’t you hear me? Are you deaf?”. She then asked why I was wearing leggings. I kept quiet and I didn’t respond. She then said “Your kaai (offensive term for breasts) are really big.” As I’m chubby and as I have a fleshy chest she was referring to my chest as breasts. The two policemen who held me, immediately felt my chest and when I protested a third policemen with a stick hit me on my knees. Then the two policemen felt my ass and commented on how big and plump it is. They said I may be taking a lot of dick up my ass. The policeman with the stick commented about my face. He said “I can fuck your pretty face as long I live.” and then tried to put the wooden stick in my mouth. When I turned away from him a fourth cop walked to me and slapped me right across my face.

I cried out to them to stop this and asked them why they were doing this. They said that all the ombothu and pottai men have become a nuisance which is unacceptable. I told them that I’m not a hijra. One of the policewomen looked at me and said “Your face is prettier than ours, you’re a ombothu.” The policewomen looked at the policemen and then looked at me and asked if I underwent an operation. When I kept quite one of the policemen lifted my kurta and felt my crotch and then he laughed out loud and asked the others to feel me up. There were suddenly a lot of hands feeling me up and vandalizing me. I struggled and protested and one of them slapped me again across my face, another punched me in my stomach and then I was hit with a stick again on my knees.

While all this was going on, they took my bag and ransacked it, they found my address book, my id cards and took down my address and my phone number. One of the policemen warned me to behave and said that I should visit them whenever I was called. They warned me never to speak of this to anyone as they know where I live and that they will hurt me and my family, that they will book me in a false case and incarcerate me and my family if required. They warned me that they will strip me naked and force a man on me, take obscene photos and incarcerate me under IPC section 377. One of the policemen said “Since IPC section 377 has been criminalized which makes your kind illegal, we can do anything we want and nobody will question us, even the government will support us.” They said that they have strong political support and influence from both the national and regional ruling parties and said that any wrong move from my end will lead to my ruin.

This is the city I live in. I live everyday waiting for something hurtful to happen to me. I live a life with imminent threats. This is what they did to me and it wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced horror like this. Late in the evening in 2013 after attending a Film Festival, I dropped my friend at his place and was waiting for a train at the Nungambakkam railway station. I managed to catch the last train and the compartment that I was in was completely deserted. As the train neared Saidapet, 4-5 men got in the train and they didn’t look friendly. I could smell cheap alcohol and I knew that they were drunk. The men noticed me and quickly walked towards me. One of them complimented my kurta and asked me where I got it from. I immediately moved away from him and walked closer to the door. The men came closer to me asked me to join them to drink and have sex with them. When I tried to get away from them they grabbed me and hit me. Then they tore the back of my kurta, turned me around to face them and tore the kurta from my neck to my waist as another guy tore my sleeve off. I struggled hard and pushed them away and tried to run to the end of the compartment. One guy tripped my leg and I fell crashing down on the floor.

One of them grabbed my legs and another tried to pull my jeans down. I kicked the guy who was holding my legs and hit the other with my bag and quickly pulled myself up and as I tried to run, one of them tore some more of my kurta. The train slowed down at Guindy and I quickly jumped out of the train. All I heard was a railway police whistling but I didn’t want to wait to tell him what happened to me and I ran out of the station and to the road covering my body with all the torn pieces of my kurta. There were few rickshaw drivers who immediately without questioning put me in one of the rickshaws and rode away.

I was able to defend myself from those men now that I’m grown, but I couldn’t do that when I was 13. When my face was smashed in a urinal and when eight men raped me. I couldn’t defend myself, I couldn’t but try to scream even though I was muffled and took the pain. The scar on my right eyebrow reminds me of that horrid day till now and it doesn’t stop there, it’s been 15 years and I still ache with phantom pain in my nightmares waking up screaming in horror reliving them again and again. I still do. I don’t know when they will stop. I’ve now shut myself away from all human contact, except my family. I’m now too scared and damaged to even meet my acquaintances. Unable to deal with all of this hurt I tried to stop it all last Saturday. I tried to take my life but I was saved yet again. Now that the moment has passed – I’m too afraid to take my life. I will have to relive my horrifying past again and again and again; hoping for an even horrifying future ahead of me.

Below are the publication/news/blog/forum links which mentioned about the incident.












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riyalyne saikia (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex readers on 14/06/2014 +5
in 2009 homosexuality was decriminalized by the High court. but on 11-12-13 it was again criminalized by Supreme Court. Welcoming the Supreme Court's verdict holding consensual sex between adults of the same gender an offence, yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday said homosexuality is just a bad addiction and added that yoga can cure it.

"Homosexuality is not genetic. If our parents were homosexuals, then we would not have been born. So it's unnatural," Ramdev told media here.

He further invited the gay community to his yoga ashram, saying, "I guarantee to cure them of homosexuality."

"I invite the gay community to my yoga ashram and I guarantee to cure them of homosexuality.

He also questioned the contribution of the gay community in streams like science and economics and also said that he would pray that all the journalists present at the press conference would not 'turn' into homosexuals.
I want to change this. but i am just a 16 years old. i need help of ilga to help me . i am just 16 but i can fight them but i need a lil support from ilga to promote my ideology.
this is my website http://thewingsofculture.webs.com/making-377-a-history
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Deepthi (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian readers in response to this story on 26/05/2014
Hey, Can I am also from Kerala. Would like to be your friend.
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posted for readers on 16/04/2014
Hi readers..People in my country are not at all open to LGBT..There are only a few brave people who come out and are still surviving.People like me never come out because we are afraid of what family will think, how will we survive in this society where some people even donno what LGBT is. Accepting people like us Is a different question. For some years it was legal but now again it has been criminalised. I wish sometime sooner everything will change and I will be out of closet. But it seems like a distant dream..
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priya (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian readers on 29/03/2014
Hey hi im priya from india (hyderabad) n im lesbian n im looking for lesbian partner in hyderabad plz if any one is ther means plz mail me priya three nine three two at gmail dot com
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(user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian readers on 09/03/2014 +25
i am fed up of behaving fake because Indian Society doesn't accept Lesbians/Gays n m desperately waiting for a female partner in India who want to be in Serious Relation. if ur lesbian and living in Mumbai in India please feel to contact me. Not for Time pass...
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(user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 13/02/2014 tagged with tourism, hate crime and violence prevention
i was travelling in bus from Dehradun to Delhi. a guy seated next to me wss looking at me, i thought he is gay, i kept hand on his thighs for almost 5 hours and he did not say anything, when Delhi was just to arrive, he started thrashing me in the bus and broke my specs, when i got down from teh bus he took me to the police station and complained that i was trying to touch his provate parts. The hawaldar told me to sit in a cock posostion for 30 minutes and then left me after taking my contact dteailos in his register and charging me rs 500 fine without giving any receipt
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Bhagya Rajesh (user currently living in INDIA) posted for bisexual readers on 28/12/2013 tagged with sexual orientation +5
I come from India. To be precise from Kerala, in the extreme south. The community there is extremely literate and males and females enjoy equal status to some extent. Kerala is really different from the rest of India: developed but still holds on to old traditions. This has affected the life of all the people. Here parents choose your spouse. Sure you will have some say in it but essentially you meet a guy or girl via a broker or internet marriage sites(we have a lot of them in India), you talk to them maybe five or six times and a few months later you're married to them. The criteria for marriage here is education, wealth and beauty. If you have all three you are hot in the marriage market. Yes, here marriage is like a transaction, spoiled by the dowry system which still persists. The girl ends up in a house and has to live with her in-laws probably until her husband saves enough money to have a house of their own, which will probably take ten years.
Parents here say that if the children love them they will only marry the people their parents want them to marry. So if you are a straight guy or girl and falls in love with someone, you have to have some real courage because when your parents find out that you're in a relationship they will probably lock you up.
In a place like this being gay, bi or transgender is pretty hard. As if to add oil to the fire, the supreme court of India has recently withdrawn an order by a high court to dis-criminalize gay sex. They still categorize gay sex with that of sex with animals.
The religious leaders are saying that gays disturb the natural order of things and that if gay sex is dis-criminalized there would be no reproduction. Obviously they don't anything about gays.
This is the situation in India. I am a girl from there and I've always felt that gays, bisexuals and transgender are completely natural. The world around me thought differently but I didn’t care. I couldn’t actually pin-point my sexual orientation when I was 12 or 13. It was really confusing then; sometimes I was not at all aroused by both sexes, which led me to wonder whether I was asexual. But when I was 14 I had two brief relationships, one with a boy and one with a girl (this happens a lot here, without the parents ever knowing). This made me see that it felt right with both of them, I did a lot of trials with myself just to make sure and after a few months I was sure. I am bi and could not be more proud of it. But I knew keeping this to myself would be the safe thing to do, but I felt I had to do something. Not telling anyone would not be hiding in the closet here, as I’ve said even relationships between girls and boys are looked down upon.
I finally decided to tell my friends. I had three best friends and I told all three. Two of them were fine with it and they were in support of me but one. The one I had known for 6 years stopped talking to me and even threatened to complain against me. I tried my best to talk to her but she turned my back on me and hasn’t talked to me in a year. This was hard on me and I could never have been alright if it weren’t for my other two best friends. Now I am 16 and debating on how to tell my parents. So in a few months someone is going to drag me to psychologist to fix me. I wish my parents and the parents all around the world the best of luck because there is no way they are going to succeed.
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It's a taboo to be a lesbian in India. I cannot go anywhere without being stared at if I'm with my girlfriend and even though I try not to let other people bother me, how can I ignore almost over 100's of people staring at the same time, every second when Im outside the house.

I want to feel safe to hold my girls hand and kiss her in public without always having my alert button on, hoping noone kicks up a fuss.

My girlfriend is British and she came to visit me in February 2013. It was the best time of my life even though I was scared to be open in public, regardless of the fact that I'm out to my family. We want to get married as soon as we can but the law doesn't allow us to. It would be ideal if we could get married in India but India doesnt recognise homosexuality yet , and I can't go to UK to get married that easily.

We've been together close to 2 years now and all we do is love each other dearly, I want to be able to walk freely and proudly in my own country with my -to-be- wife wihtout being scared and looked at like I'm some sort of freak.
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(user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 19/09/2013 tagged with at the work place
HI. I am from india. I feel very loanly because at workplace or any parties no one is my friend. Everyone makes joke of me. I need some friend.. pls hlp me. This is my no..
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posted for readers on 04/09/2013 +9
any one looking for serious lesbian relationship and is settled in mumbai pls buzz me on 8 8 9 8 7 7 7 6 7 0 or contact me at kathale _ prachi at the rate yahoo dot com

very sincere and serious lesbian partner.
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B T VENKATESH (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian readers on 07/08/2013 +0
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s*** (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian readers on 17/03/2013 +15
I am a keralite. i am persuing my master of social work in a well known institution of our country. As all of us know that lesbianism is treated as a sin or which is against the will of the society. FROM MY PERSPECTIVE I DONT THINK THAT WHAT I AM DOING IS NOT RIGHT. i only feel sad when i think of telling about it to my parents. may be they will beat me or punish me.it wil break down all those dreams they had seen regarding my marriage and future.they may at their best hide this fact and marry me to another man. after all how many years they wil be with me? do they be a part of my life for ever? isn't it a cheating that i am doing to my husband by being physically satisfying him and keeping another person in my heart? i chose this because i am more satisfied physially as well as mentally with another lady than that of a MAN. as i am a student of MSW i know the other aspect of my ORIENTATION. Our sexual orientation is channelised during our teenages.
it is an individual right and freedom its not a society that is affected. like other love marriages happens in our society the same happens in this case too. when i cohabit with my partner i am not fighting against the society.if two people are happy in living together without disturbing the other societal people, what is the problem in that? the only 'UNNATURAL" that is happening is that the pocreation aspect is not happening in that particular relationship.we all are human beings. we have our own likeness and wishes.. so let us be what we are.. we are not curtailing anybody's freedom ,not harming anybody..as anyother human beings we just want to live a happy normal life. what is the point in living life without happiness???
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ram (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers in response to this story on 13/03/2013 tagged with sexual orientation
Dear..Renee can ihave ur mail id...So that i can contact u..
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Ram (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 13/03/2013 tagged with sexual orientation +5
Could not reveal that I am GAY. No one understands what is gay, TG, L and CD etc..No awarness. Even doctors are not sensitive in this issue...So terrible to be here...Still i have to est my self am I gay or can Probably a Bi???

Is there any organisation in india (TamilNadu) so hat i can discuss my feel to a scientific person who knows about gay.
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Renee - Chennai Dost (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 06/03/2013 +5
“Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
We knew not, of each other,
Yet, I fell in love with you!”

A look at this year’s Valentine season, one would have thought to give it a rest. Why? “Because it was in the middle of the week! And with a tight schedule like mine… got no time for love.” Yeah! Well that’s the excuse we all would like to come up with. But hey, c’mon! Who ever said we couldn’t celebrate it any other day?! Besides, every day could be as good as Valentine’s Day. And that’s exactly what happened!

On 9th February, Chennai Dost in collaboration with Pink Friends, painted the town pink! With all due respect to the colour red as a symbol of love on Valentine’s, it was the “pink crowd” that actually brought life to the party and spilled love in the air. Well, you might have thought it to be like a typical prom scene in a movie – guy goes to picks up his partner at 6pm; waits in the hall; sees his beloved partner floating down the stairs like an angel; presenting with a bouquet and heart-shaped chocolates; attending a party and dancing through the night; having an exotic dinner; exchanging sweet kisses at the top of the stairs under the mistletoe; and waving goodbyes with a deep sigh of contentment. Well, for those who didn’t attend the party, that might have just been the usual scheduled Valentine itinerary.

Shimmers, bronzers, colour contact lenses, styling gels, exotic perfumes, flamboyant outfits, groomed body, expensive accessories, condoms (yep! That too!), music, disco lights, roses (minus the thorns), drinks… and to go with it all, the charming romantic attitude. Yep… it was all there! But it just didn’t happen overnight! Members of Chennai Dost (CD) had started preparing for it almost a month back. Introducing the concept to the likes of a “pageant contest” (minus the entertainment and Q&A; rounds), CD members had setup an online voting system through their website for the hunt of the hottest hunk in Pink Town.

More than 200 nominations and a whopping 5000 votes poured in online for guys who either had their IDs in Facebook or in PlanetRomeo. This was a challenge to the team as it was their “amateur” experience! They had to keep up with the votes and clear them out as the online voting caused huge traffic in their website. The votes were frozen and 8 finalists were shortlisted, namely Reyan, Vivek, Shoban, Prince, Rubesh, Satish, Manish, and Ashwath. Meanwhile, other members we busy sending out invitations through every source possible as well as to every soul possible; right from Chennai to the LGBT communities in Madurai, Coimbatore, Puducherry and Trichy; to as far as loyal visitors residing in Kerala, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Attending enquiries one after the other, the members pepped their spirits higher and worked tirelessly 24×7.

Nope… the clock didn’t strike midnight yet! The party had just begun. Gay pals, couples, bed partners, drag queens, trans … name them and they all turned up. The crowd turnout was close 250 individuals! Keeping such a crowd engaged was no easy tasks. Bala (Pink Friends) and Venkat (Director, Chennai Dost) welcomed all guests. Well… they had their bodyguards standing next to them most of the time to maintain decorum! Enter the secret chamber and lo! The air was filled with the scent of roses, clanking of glasses, rhythmic beats from the DJ and chitter chatters from the page 3 jabber mouths (no offense!). At the entrance, the pictures of the 8 finalists were on display. While few guests were curious, others pounced forward to drool over their secret crushes printed big! Each guest was entitled to vote for one stud out of the 8 finalist who would be later titled Mr. Chennai Dost 2013. Guys who didn’t make it were ogling at the trophy displayed in all its glory.

More than 150 anonymous votes were collected at the venue. Quite a few from the crowd were restless to know who the winner was! Well, we were just hoping the winner doesn’t get clobbered down with kisses and gropes and… you know the rest! Anyhow, while the votes kept coming in, the crowd swayed to the music of 2 DJs – a first time collaboration! DJ Don and Deepak took the crowd on a rollercoaster ride with people literally “getting on the floor” with JLo’s track; head banging with the Party Rock Anthem; dancing Bollywood Ishtyle to the tunes of Om Shanthi Om; dancing like Sheila in Sheila ki Jawani; and pelvic thrusting to the beats of tempo of Kala Sala and Google Google. Even the Gangnam Song kept the exhausted crowd on their feet till the end, and somewhere in the dark corners were the shy ones dancing slowly while their drinks coupled with music intoxicated them.

There were smacks on the back, pinches on the hips, pats on the chests, and a French kiss… oh heck! It was dark after all! The cupid had to keep up without running out of arrows! Well, that’s when the members decided to help the poor cupid. CD members organized a stall called “Secret Roses” whereby guests could anonymously offer a secret rose to another guy in the crowd they found hot or adorable, by informing or showing the members. A member would proceed to the guy and present the rose stating he has an admirer. But it just didn’t end with that! The rose pumped up the adrenalin in the guys which made them hunt of the secret admirer. Whether they found out or not… couldn’t be too bothered! Bet many would have said “yes”. There were few guests who were too kind and offered the roses to the members of the stall itself. Awe… Ain’t that chooo chweeet!! It has to be highlighted that we did have some daring Romeos who wanted to present the rose to the ones they admired directly!!! Kudos to them! Don’t be surprised if they actually took the rose to the bed together.

In every love stories, there’s always a “best Jodi” – the right couple. Be it Romeo & Juliet, Laila & Majnu, Brangelina, Shah Rukh & Kajol, Amitabh & Rekha, Surya & Jyothika, or . We all have our favourites. But for CD members, it turned out to be a tough task to identify the “Best Couple”, lovingly titled “Oh La La!” And oh la la, they certainly were – Uday and Anand. Amongst the many couples who came, some in same clothing, some in opposites, some dressed as per their personality et al; this couple made it to the top with their charms, persona, love, and their hot steps on the dance floor. For those who didn’t win the title… don’t fret and lose hope. We’re sure you may be the best couples in other domains (you know what we mean!).

Well… tic-toc, tic-toc… and everyone was waiting for the verdict for the winner of Mr. Chennai Dost title as time counted its way close to midnight. Well, unlike Cinderella, none of the finalists left any glass slipper. The finalists, dressed in their best tight-fitting attires, were biting their nails, while the guys crooning over them were waiting to catch hold of them. Many guests kept enquiring the organizers whether the finalists were present at the party. Before one could say yes, one finalist or the other would pop out of the crowd for a break, but be swamped back in by their fan following! And the winner of the Mr. Chennai Dost 2013 contest went to none other Reyan, who won by a huge count. Indeed, his looks were considered to be hot and charming – fair, reasonably tall, fit, groomed, and with red rosy lips. His picture conveyed a strong sense of self-confidence with his I-am-the-hunk look. Crowned with a wreath of pink ribbons and flowers, and adorned with a titled sash, Reyan was presented with the Mr. Chennai Dost trophy by Rupesh Reddy (Head, CD Events & Public Relations). Running closely behind was our Runner-up, Vivek. With his cute looks and sharp features, he is famously known as the Persian King, His eyes spoke volumes and his picture frame caught the attention of many passers-by. Reyan seemed flattered and lit up with his million watt smile, while Vivek was head over heels having raced ahead of the other finalists to grab the second spot. No, there was no oh-my-god-I-won crying scene. It wasn’t a beauty pageant… but it was a pageant of being yourself and being recognized.

This Valentine’s party wasn’t just a regular party to meet guys and hook up. It was a platform to create awareness about Chennai Dost; to provide a comfortable, healthy, non-sexual social space where the LGBT community could be themselves and mingle with their own kind, and probably meet their valentines. Pamphlets about CD’s vision, mission and the services offered to support the community were distributed by the members throughout the party. Presiding over the event, Vikranth (Founder of CD) stated that the party was a success and the group has been organizing and celebrating Valentine’s day with a party for the fourth year consecutively. “Through this event we continue to tell the world that love has no boundaries.” He added that “this particular event also stresses upon ‘life beyond sex’ to our community.” Vikranth mentioned that the group continues to receive overwhelming responses and hug turnouts at such parties as well as other event organized by Chennai Dost.

The whole team thanks the management of the venue and its guests for making it possible. Special thanks to the bartenders who were swift and managed to keep up with the crowd’s requests. Guys were certainly overflowing the counter for their drinks! We also thank our Bouncers who were there to prevent any untoward incidences that might have occurred. Well… for a fact we’re pretty sure that most of the guests were staring through the corners of the eyes at these Bouncers – tall, built, handsome (and for some… beefy!). But our bad luck, they didn’t turn out to be gay or bi. We certainly could see many guys smirking after being frisked before entering the venue. Ahem! You never know if one amongst them managed to even get the attention of the Bouncers too.

Nevertheless, for some they lived happily ever after; for others, the fairy-tale just began; and for few others… you never know. It could be worth the wait! Well… there’s always a next year for you guys! Buckle up, hit the gym, and visit the spas! Revamp yourself and present the new you at next year’s valentine to sweep your guy-next-door (or be swept by Prince Charming)!
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latha ramamurthy posted for lesbian readers on 05/03/2013 +5
it happened to me: i am stadying in a school in 12 th standard. allthe in our g had arranged for a party in whihc i was also invited. i also went to the party. All the girls were given cool drinks. were enjoying the chatting and suddenly i felt giddy after some time. i was made to lie in the sofa near by
after half an hour i got to see my pantees were taken and all the girls were kissing me one by one
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latika (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian bisexual readers in response to this story on 04/03/2013 tagged with sexual orientation +5
read your story , was interesting would love to chat with you....if you would too then leave a sign or a message - la
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deepak (user currently living in CHINA) posted for gay readers on 15/02/2013
hi everybody i am deepak from india but currently i am studying medicine in china(2nd year).my parent wanted me to marry a girl and to get dowry from them(girl side) so with the dowry money i could continue my further study,but when i decline for the marriage and said i do not want to get marry,they eanted to know the reason why i do not want to get married,when i told them the truth that i am gay,then they have disowned me as their son and refuse to support my further study.because of this i might have to end up my study but i do not want to end up my study,i would like to continue my study in medicine.if anyone would like to support me please contact me in this email khikule@hotmail.com.please help me.
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angle (user currently living in INDIA) posted for readers in response to this story on 11/02/2013
hi shalu
would like to be ur friend
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angle (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian readers in response to this story on 11/02/2013 +5
hi sunita
would like to be ur friend....
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sunita (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian readers on 11/01/2013 tagged with intersex +20
hiii i am sunita i am n a lesbian becs my boyfrnd wants only sex whit me he does'nt care about me so love other women n stranger womens also ,,,,,,, ple co me if u r lesbo
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Vikram (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 05/01/2013
Hey guys, wanted to shared an interesting stuff with you...I always thought as a gay, socializing was a big issue...it was for me b'coz of my introvert nature. But I was fortunate enough to find a perfect solution for gay social networking.... A cool solution by a gay activist Scott Harker. Now I'm having all the more fun which I was missing out in life. Check out my blogpost:
http://pozitronconsultancy.com/blog/2013/01/03/gay-socializing/ for details.
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Kaniz Fatima posted for lesbian readers on 20/12/2012 tagged with hiv/aids , human rights +5
My name is Kaniz Fatima and i am from Calcutta and i was in relationship with a woman for 1yr and 7months and she broke of with me for 4 times and she broke off with me before but she came back but this time it very hard and there are some reason which was not true which she should have asked me rather beleaving on others. and the people whom i have trusted from Velvet Group of NGO's and they are the partner of NGO whom i told that my Partner she doest want me to get engaged with NGO people and i told NGO partner that when ever you people see us togather anywhere in kolkata please do not let her know that we know each other or else she will broke off with me but they told her when she asked them for help and they made a mess in my life instead of helping us they ruin our life. i told her we all need help and support but she denied me. And when she was in trouble she took there help and she even informed me about and i was so happy about it and thought that once i am back in calcutta i will tell her everything and i will take her to there house but it was too late and the NGO people they ruin our LOVE LIFE. But yes i told her a lie just to save our relationship and i still Love her no matter what but all i need a support from her end she should have waited for me and i told her her let me come back from Chennai i will talk to you but she refused to talk to me what i should do now and yes i will take those NGO partner's name who doesnt helps anyone they only think about themselves anh there Lavish life. This is USA based NGO of LGBT comunity they provieds everything for people like us that we can live our life but they do not think about us they are only concern abut themselves. Is all my request to USA based NGO Head Member whom i concern please take care of this matter as soon as possible. I LOVE YOU DEBJANI DAS you are only one whom i loved alot and still i love you.
And this is my contact number of mine +91 8124841967 +91 9748570328
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John (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 18/12/2012 +5
“Vikruti evam prakruthi�(what seems unnatural is also natural), the beautiful verse from Rig Veda, in queer sense describes srishti in a single line. Srishti is the first LGBTQ group designed to target specifically to the problems of queer people in non-metro cities of Tamilnadu like Coimbatore and Madurai. Srishti aims to eliminate the homogenization of the queer community arising from the dualism -straight/queer and works to educate people about the various diversities within the queer community itself, so that people gain more understanding of the queer community which would reduce the severity of social discrimination. the pattern of social discrimination in any form is of the hotspot of Srishti to work to reduce its severity so that it would vanish further and helps to counsel the peer queer friends, so that they can change themselves from the position of victim of the social discrimination to the position of fighting against those discrimination. Srishti is against the commercialization aspects of queer people in any aspects and helps in constructing the need of the self-respect for the queer people. Srishti is always multidisciplinary and via the Srishti science group Srishti aims to build the human resources of alternate sexualities and their representation through activities like expeditions, trekking etc. also such an initiative is of first of its kind in any LGBTQ group in India. Science club further aims to approach the alternate sexualities from a scientific perspective and impart people with the scientific knowledge of queer community so that the widespread idea of homosexuality is unnatural and a disease vanishes from the mentality of people. The peculiar aspect of srishti is that, it has separate group for genderqueer people as srishti genderqueer. The diversity of genderqueer like agender ,pangender ,bigender,trigender,androgynous etc is even unaware within the mainstream queer community itself, while srishti has a separate group for genderqueer to have a better representation of the problems of genderqueer.

Srishti is a student Group & not an NGO or CBO & do not accept corporate sponsors, all events of Srishti is organized by volunteer ship & individual donations, all accounts of Srishti is open to our volunteers.


Email: srishti.genderqueer@gmail.com
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BREAKING FREE is a landmark film project that attempts to bring in change for the LGBT community in India by highlighting the pain & trauma as well as hope & happiness.

With more than 100 interviews across India of LGBTQH persons as well as activists, advocates, changemakers, etc; the film weaves poignant personal stories with the landmark events and huge changes in the community space.

Post production is now in progress and we NOW NEED YOUR SUPPORT MORE THAN EVER to complete the project.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Every small bit help. And there are fabulous incentives.

Please contribute to our project through below links. EVERY CONTRIBUTION IS VALUABLE and greatly helpful.

International Supporters: http://www.indiegogo.com/breakingfreeindia

Contributions can be ANONYMOUS too. There is also facility for paying by CASH OR CHEQUE through GharPay option. See right hand top on the site.

Get regular updates about the film at www.facebook.com/breakingfreeindia

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Manoj Sharma (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 18/10/2012 tagged with tourism, lgbt families +5
LGBT tours India provides lesbian & gay complete tour packages in india for GLBT community, Gays honeymoons tours, boys tours, lesbian tours in india :mail : lgbt602@gmail.com , gaylesbiantours@gmail.com ,rsvn@bol.net.in, rudrakshholidays@gmail.com, info@rentacarinindia.com rsvnindia@gmail.com 
Phone : +91-11-26198701 , 26198701 , 46150718
Fax: +91-11-26198702
cell: +91-9810321044, +91-9810794718 ( 24 HRs X 7)
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macrangermohan (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay bisexual readers on 09/10/2012 tagged with at the work place +3
one day i was late at work and had to stay back. the new office boy was a middle aged man and a bachelor. i asked him to get me some coffee. he spilled the coffee near my table while keeping it on my table. he got a mop and while bending down i noticed that his zip was open and i cud see his uncut cock since he was not wearing an underwear.
he saw me noticing it from the corner of his eye and smiled at me. i did not react and kept doing my work. i noticed that he did not put his zip up again. so i asked him why and he told me that the zip was not working and he needed someone to hold the zip while he put the mechanism in place. he asked me if i could him him. i had not other option and he came and stood near me and i held the ends of the zip while he was trying to push the lever.

during this exercise my fingers touched his cock and i noticed it enlarging in size. finally he had an erection. Since i had a slight gay tendency i liked it and started to fondle it. he too responded back by pulling out my cock and sucking it.
we came one after other...
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thiel posted for straight readers in response to this story on 20/08/2012
hey shalu! I glad to be your friend.My hotmail:lamperouge_bean@hotmail
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Shalu (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian readers on 16/08/2012 +15
Hai i am a girl from india(tamilnadu) and i am a lesbian too... need of a perfect lesbian partner for a long time relationship..
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MANU (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 21/07/2012 +5
I am Guey & Smart Please Call any Indian In MP 7509225317
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Manoj Sharma (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian straight readers on 06/07/2012 tagged with tourism
Indian gay tours provides complete tour packages in india for GLBT community. For more information visit us : http://www.indiangaytours.commail : rsvn@bol.net.in, rudrakshholidays@gmail.com, info@rentacarinindia.comother web: http://www.rentacarinindia.comhttp://www.tajmahaltoursinindia.com
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Supi (user currently living in INDIA) posted for intersex readers on 27/06/2012 tagged with gender identity +4
I think I might be transsexual or intersexual ; I still am confused. I was born as a boy but since the early ages my minds processes ae similar to that of a girl. I never tried cross-dressing yet I was
considered as a girl. Meanwhile, as of me from talking to thinking to anything else I unconcsiencely fall into the girls zone.
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(user currently living in INDIA) posted for readers on 17/06/2012 +0
Recently Philips launched a male grooming kit advertisement on the Indian Television. This advertisement stereotypes gays as effiminate.

Below is the link to the ad.


The advertisement starts with the effiminate John asking the macho Johns, why do they get to go on dates and not him. The scruffy one snubs him and replies "Kyunki ladki se Dosti Karni hai, Dostana Nahin" suggesting that "We want to do friendship with the girl, not enter into a Gay relationship as shown in the movie Dostana". The next sentence spells it out more clearly when the scruffy one says "Girls like to have Friendship with Real Men" while making rude gestures with his crotch.

The message this ad seems to convey is "If you want to be a real man (not a fag), use Philips Grooming Kit". So do they want to say that "Gays are not Real Men" and that "Girls dont like to do friendship with Gays" or that "Gays dont/cannot use Grooming Kits because they are not manly enough"?
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posted for readers in response to this story on 08/05/2012 +4
such a pathetic guy! thanks fr providing his no., will mke a hell of his lyf too! u chillax! :)
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Rahul Bharadwaj (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 08/05/2012 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, illegality of male to male relationships +9
Hi, I was just being a normal gay when this guy +91 9126034652 gt into my life nd made a hell out it. continuously mkin fun of my orientation nd harassing me in public. he's gttin me tocommit suicide.
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S.Nagarajan (user currently living in INDIA) posted for intersex readers on 21/02/2012
once i was with my friends who were totally gays and lesbians present. I was invited for a get together and i also went to get together. every one were given juices eatables to have to eat. I had to take some. one of the person started comming near me and started carrassing my bottom. I was also interested but getting scared. I was little nervous but sudedenly i felt i was giddy. they made me lie down and started doing everything.
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Rudraksh Holidays (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 20/01/2012 tagged with tourism
We are based in India and wish to offer the best quality services for our friends who are interested in visiting India for a short or long period below is just an outlines for a plan to follow we also make tailor made tour plans please do let us know so we can assist you .

India – Short & Sweet!!
For someone for the west, India provides an authentic adventure - stimulating, absorbing, daunting, sometimes moving and shocking. Here is one of the world's great dramas; an ancient, vast and crowded land committed to the most formidably challenging exercise in mass democracy. It is a spectacle in which hope, pride, paradox and uncertainty mingle and struggle. It is conducted on the whole, and to India's credit in the open. The lasting memories of the land are hospitality, kindness, good humor and generosity. Here is a society of over a 1000 million people, growing by a million a month, divided and united by language, caste, religion and regional loyalties. It has often been described as a functioning anarchy; and it is in many ways an amiable one, of marvelous fluidity and tolerance. Indeed, the true Indian motif is not the Tajmahal, the elephant or the patient peasant behind the ox drawn plough. It is the crowd, the ocean of faces in the land of multitudes, endlessly stirring, pushing and moving. It is in this human circulation that one sees India's colour, variety, busyness, and, senses also its power, vitality and grandeur.

Namaste! - We welcome you with folded hands

Day 01 : Arrival / Delhi

Late night arrival. Meeting and assistance upon arrival as our representatives welcome you and escort you to your car.

Whilst the room keys and check-in is organized, our representative would introduce the tour to you and hand over the documents to you.

Welcome to India, or as we say ‘atithi devo bhava’ (the guest is an incarnation of God). Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Day 02 : Delhi

After breakfast, we proceed on a guided tour of New Delhi, Visiting such sights as Bahai Temple, Humayun’s Tomb (1586), the Qutab Minar 72 meters high and one of the most perfect towers in the Persian world. The Iron Pillar which has survived the vagaries of weather for over 1500 years. Continue with a drive through Embassy area, the Government buildings (1921-1930) and Connaught Place, the heart and main shopping district of the capital.

Later we cross the city and into the walled gates of the Old city with visits to the Jamma Mosque (1650) and drive through the fabled area of Chandni Chowk (aptly translates to Moonlight Square) where the throngs of shoppers and vendors meet in the oldest area of Delhi. Visit the Red Fort (1639-1648 built by Shah Jehan the builder of the Taj Mahal in Agra) to view the inlaid and carved Royal Chambers, on to Raj Ghat and nearby ghats where the founder of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi and thereafter Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were cremated.

The highlight of this tour would be a ride on cycle rickshaws. Now these are 3-wheel cycles with a sofa seat at the back. The Rickshawalla (Rickshaw driver) sits on a small cushion in the front and two passengers on the sofa seat behind. This is a remarkable way to explore and picture the hustle and bustle as well as the colour of the narrow winding streets bursting with people and pavement shops selling wares of all description - including a laughing set of dentures. The ride would be accompanied by peals of laughter both from the passengers as well as the onlookers.

Day 03 : Delhi / Agra (205 Kms) (04 Hrs Drive)

Following breakfast we will drive to Agra, along one of India’s finest freeways

Upon arrival check in Hotel

After rest & relaxation, we ride to the massive Agra Fort. The elegant buildings inside reflect an interesting synthesis of Hindu and Central Asian architectural styles. Built by Emperor Akbar, the maze of the courtyards, mosques & private chambers of the fort echo the story of the Mughal Empire. The Moti Masjid & other magnificent buildings reflect the skill of the ancient Indian architects.

Day 04 : Agra / Fatehpur Sikri / Jaipur (245 Kms) (05 Hrs Drive)

Agra is the city of the Taj Mahal, perhaps the most photographed monument in the world. However, there is a degree of enigma about the Taj. Once you hear about a building so much and once you see so many pictures of a building your expectations are real high; and this is the enigma about the Taj Mahal. No matter how many pictures you have seen or no matter how high your expectations are the Taj never lets you down - the unparalleled glory and beauty of the building surpasses beyond all human imaginations. At sunrise we visit one of the greatest sights of one’s lifetime - Taj Mahal. Before departure for the monument we shall be served tea/coffee and cookies so that our eyes open real wide to behold this breathtaking sight. A dawn visit to the fabled Taj Mahal to witness the magical effects caused by the reflections of the changing colours of the rising Sun on this brilliant white marble building. Later we return back to our hotel for breakfast.

After breakfast we will drive to Jaipur, stopping at deserted Capital City of Fatehpur Sikri. This abandoned capital of the Mughals is a perfectly preserved city at the height of the empire’s splendour. The city divided into religious and secular parts has interesting well-sculpted buildings. From here we continue our ride to Jaipur.

Upon arrival, check into your hotel Narian Niwas Palace. This property is being run as a Heritage Hotel by the Kanota Family. Care has been taken to maintain the traditional furniture and decoration to provide an unforgettable Rajasthani experience to the visitors. Rooms provide all amenities that modern day travelers are accustomed to.

Evening is at leisure to explore the unending shopping options of Jaipur. An essential starting point for Rajasthan craftwork is block making and block printing and we will be exploring the process from start to finish in some of the popular stores here. The opportunity also exists here to tailor make outfits to your design and size.

We also explore one of the chief attractions of Jaipur - its jewelry, which offers a variety that ranges from chunky tribal jewelry to enameled gold to modern diamond jewelry. Kundan (art of stone setting) and enamel jewelry has been a specialty of Rajasthan, particularly that of Jaipur. The stones are embossed into decorative shapes & patterns and embellished with delicate enamel ornamentation in the champeve (raised field) technique. Jaipur is well known for its gold and silver enameling. Colorful bangles made of lac and set with semiprecious stones make an inexpensive buy. The craftsmen take great pains to embed the hundreds of stones into the lac. The skilled gem-cutters of Jaipur carve enchanting little animals and birds from rock, crystal, jade, smoky topaz and amethyst. Intaglio beads & buttons and crystal scent bottles are also available.

Day 05 : Jaipur

This morning, we proceed on a guided tour of the Amber Fort. Set on the dry wrinkled Aravali Hills, the Fort is a superb example of Rajput (Medieval Hindu) style of architecture. A slow elephant taxi takes us to the top of the Fort, which houses several graceful buildings.

We will ride up to this hilltop palace on a caparisoned, painted elephant, passing through the ancient main gate where Maharajas of Jaipur have entered for four hundred years. Our guide will elaborate on the history of this architectural masterpiece with its mirror-studded alcoves, dazzling mosaics and water-cooled swings that delight today’s visitors as they did their former royal residents.

We shall visit the Hawa Mahal or Palace of the Winds, a five-storied structure of pink sandstone with semi-octagonal and delicately honeycombed windows overlooking the main street of the old city. It was built in 1799 so that veiled royal women could peer down unseen by the world through its 593 stone screens.

Later in the afternoon, we proceed for a guided tour of the City Palace & Observatory. The City Palace in the heart of the old city is a blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. The center of the palace is a seven-storied building called Chandra Palace, with fine views over the gardens and the city. Next stop the City Palace is the Solar Observatory - an astronomical treasure house, with solar device that gives accurate predictions till date.

Day 06 : Jaipur / Delhi :-

After Breakfast Drive back to delhi and then upon arrival in delhi visit Sound and Light Show at Red Fort ( Subject to availability ) and then over night in to the hotel.

Day 07 : Delhi / Departure

After breakfast Visit some places if you want to re visit and then later in the evening transfer to airport after dinner.

TOUR ENDS .//////
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sravya (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian readers in response to this story on 17/12/2011 +10
hi i am sravya.. im juz 16. and im an lesbian. luking for a lesbo frnd from hyderabad.
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monica (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian transgender readers on 14/11/2011 tagged with tourism
i am from a family that is homophobic and life seems so hard that i traveled to India to pursue my studies but am surviving on Gods mercies.in my country if u come out as a gay you life is at a very high risk of death.i day i was kicked by people in the club because they were told am gay..life is hard being gay trust me in Uganda
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ivan (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 31/10/2011
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ivan (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers in response to this story on 31/10/2011 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools +5
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Velvet Milestones:

2008- Conceptualization of Velvet to create a safe space for LBT community which was absent in kolkata specially. People needed a friendly environment with privacy and security where they can discuss their day to day life and ask for help if needed.
2009- Velvet Facebook group launched. Base shifted to Delhi. More than 300 members joined. Regular nteraction, discussion and exchange of ideas started actively on facebook.
2009- Took part in Delhi Queer Pride 2009
Organized community based programs
Active participation in queer scenario of Delhi
2010- Took part in Delhi Queer pride 2010
2011- Networked with Mumbai queer community actively
Back to kolkata to focus dedicatedly on VELVET along with Alka Kedwal
Actively participated in KOLKATA RAINBOW PRIDE FESTIVAL 2011
Introduced LBT participation in Kolkata Pride walk 2011, 17th july for the
first time.
Velvet Became support group for LGBT
Velvet became recognized by ILGA
Started personalized counseling for LBT community
Started close interaction with Sangini to have them as Mentor to Velvet
Sonali and Alka came out in FEMINA ANNIVERSARY ISSUE 14th October
2011 as lesbian couple
Took part in IBN7 Zindegi Live talk show as Lesbian couple- to be aired on
November 2011
More than a dozen individual ongoing cases handled and still getting requests
Creating Network between LGBT community in Kolkata to fight loneliness
among queer population
To register Velvet as a trust by January 2012.
To start mainstream activities to build and spread awareness and eliminate Homophobia
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Srishti the first LGBT friends circle of Madurai (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay lesbian bisexual straight readers on 17/10/2011 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools, health, hiv/aids , gender identity, human rights, sexual orientation, religion +4
Madurai throbs with more than 3700 gays &
we the Srishti first Gay friendly LGBT circle of Madurai is here for gathering all Bisexuals & gays in & around our city

Srishti works for creating awareness among all college students in madurai through NSS

we arrange progrms on Sexual orientation

our people counsel the uneducated community abt homosex

we conduct seminars with our officials from delhi, mumbai, chennai for teaching college students by conveying them homosex is not a sin or
it is not a disorder or gay are not transgenders
or its not unnatural task with human

we fight for LGBT rights in madurai & trying to make madurai as a comfortable place for Gays & Lesbians.

we works with TamilNadu Govt Aids awareness progs in madurai

planning to conduct the LGBT rainbow festival in madurai on 2012.

plz refer wikipedia about LGBT & Homosexuality in India

you can be a supporter for gathering all Homosexuals under one roof in madurai.

if u like to volunteer our progrms contact Sarva 9092282369

come & join with Srishti
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Guys telling me that they will kill me (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 16/10/2011 +4
I just got a call from 2 guys giving me threats about my life and using anti-gay slurs and many other foul languages and I m furious to see that my story will get stacked in this Pile where no1 will even notice!!!!
Can someone help me?????
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(user currently living in INDIA) posted for bisexual readers on 24/09/2011 +20
yo, im rhea im only 15,yh haven't lived 1/4th of mah life,bt i think only d older generation haz problem d d oriantation thing,cuz like many of mah frndz knw dat im bi. n dey couldn't care less..bt yh i do get some stares frm some ppl but dadtz kool wid me d thing datz eating me iz i can't find bi/gay grl anywhere around me im sure der will be many walking on steetz, n how do v knw if dey r like us ?? need 2 buy a T-shirt saying "im bi. n i need a grl"
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Subhankar Zac (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers on 25/08/2011 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, sexual orientation +4
India is still a homophobic country. I am currently studying in a college in India, extremely homophobic people. The laws in India do not protect LGBT people from discrimination. I have lived in a homophobic region for 18 years, in which even related to a gay is a shameful thing for people. I tried to study my college years in Less homophobic places like, Spain, UK, NY, etc but couldn't go ONLY because my funds was low, although My application was accepted. I am still seeing hate comments and discrimination in all places in India. I am tired of fighting and M scared for my life in this country because the laws don't support us and I cant come out of the closet. I m sure my story wont may not be much attention and will be kept like a pile of other stories. But I m just screaming inside of me and just want to scream every time, when anyone tells a hate comment about gays. I just cant Live in India anymore. I have no money to study in a place where gays are not killed, nor can I stay here where there is too much homophobia. I just wanna leave India forever. or I will not survive for much longer.
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Kunal chandna (user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay bisexual intersex readers on 23/08/2011 tagged with intersex +4
I am a gay. DOnt feel alone
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