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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in GREECE - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in GREECE...
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Everyone has the right to happiness and to be free to live their own lives. But for every moment of happiness there is a price to be paid. We are Anna and Anya, a gay couple, one of us was born in the UK + the other from Russia. In July of this year, we fell deeply in love, when we met in Athens, Greece. We decided from that moment we will always be together, but we were not prepared for what lies ahead. Since one of our nationalities is British, we decided we would apply for a UK visa and go back together to England to start a family. But the UK visa was denied. It was a terrible blow and shock to us. In ordet to make a new application for a UK visa, we have to wait after 6 months from date of refusal. In Greece, we could not stay because Anyas visa in Greece was due to expire. Since Anna ( who'd from UK) has dual citizenship by birth and family is Greek Cypriot from Cyprus, we decided to go there. In Cyprus, we are faced with new challenges related to the fact that only one of us is European. Cyprus is in a very homophobic Country where Gays face persecution beatings and being killed. Also the Global crisis has hit badly here and the Cypriots are losing their jobs every day, shops offices and factories closing every minute. We tried many different ways past few months, but in vain asthere is no work here for locals let alone foreigners. According to the law of Cyprus, to have a job you need to have a work permit. A work permit can only be obtained from the employer, another vicious circle. However, if we were a heterosexual couple, or had gay rights marraige and equality here then this problem, would not have arisen for us. We could get married, and Anna and I would have the opportunity to live and work in Cyprus. To date, we morally, psychologically and financially exhausted. Because of the inequality of rights, to be together, we are forced to move from country to country, as if we are outcasts. We now have only 6 days left in Cyprus. After 6 days, the visa expires (for Russians visa-free entry is for 3 months). We are now desperate and an urgently need to leave this country. We cannot go to England, because Anya didn't get a UK visa. We cannot go to Russia, because there is the terrible laws for gays and human rights there, which are viruslly non-existent. We recently learned that Argentina is the only country where marriages between foreigners and Gays are allowed. This is our only chance now! So we decided to go to Brazil as it's next door and we have friend there and then to marry in Argentina, to increase our chances for a UK visa in March as they cannot refuse us if we are married as they do have some equal rights there. If we don't leave Cyprus on 20th December, Anya will be blacklisted and this will affect all future European visa applications especially the one we need to eventually live in the UK! But sadly we now have no funds to leave this country, as we have 2 Euros left. Friends and family have helped as much as they could, but we are not out to everyone we know being Russian and Greek Orthodox being Gay is the worst sin against our religion! We have tried everything we can to raise funds to leave here and have now realized it is time to tell the world and the public about our situation. As we desperately need help! We have both helped so many people in our past and are owed monies we cannot collect, we wanted to borrow it but have been let down, so now we are on our knees and need all the help we can get! We really need money to buy tickets to Brazil and the means of life for the first time. This is not such a big amount, but it affects our future. As Christmas is the season of good we are praying for an act or acts of kindness and a miracle so we can spend this Christmas and the rest of our lives together! We hope that in this big wide world there is someone for whom the two people, (women) who love each other and want to be together mean something. It's time to find out if anyone really cares and if anyone is prepared to help us!!! Please... Please... please... Support us!
We are grateful for any help and support!!!
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Email: annamkyr@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sosgayrights
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Jn (user currently living in GREECE) posted for gay bisexual readers on 24/08/2011 tagged with at the work place, laws and leadership , sexual orientation +32
I live in Athens-Greece.To be gay/bisexual in Athens and generally in big cities and famous islands in Greece is not unusual,but in the Greek countryside is somekind unusual..At my work everyone knows about my sexual orientation and i have never been a discrimination victim.Co-workers accept it normally.Also,my friends who are straight guys and girls dont have any problem.The same thing in my university.Young Greeks accept it normally in the most of cases.Also,in the public areas when i talk about my boyfriend with a friend on my phone,noone cares about it.I think that this situation is completely different in the Greek countryside.Church causes troubles(church is accepted only by old people and very conservative people)in lgbt community but government tries to recognise same sex couples with a law which is gonna be voted in the next months.
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harrys (user currently living in GREECE) posted for readers on 11/08/2011 +5
I am from Greece, my name is Harry (not id name). I haven't transition in any way yet. But it's my dream. At least get
testosterone and have a proper chest. Im desperate in Greece, I don't know even doctors or even people ftm.
There's no community such like this. And people hardly understands you (maybe some friends), I will not talk
about my family, my brother and mother knows all about me, nut they don't want to accept that. I did cause
I was always thinking of me as a boy in a wrong body. The thing is I'm 26 and I want things to happen really fast.
Can you help me with your directions?
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