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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in CAMEROON...
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CAMEF (user currently living in CAMEROON) posted for transgender readers on 26/11/2013
Tortured Transgendered Sex worker in Limbe, Cameroon

In cameroon, being a member of the LGBT community is worst than being a murderer! Being a member of the LGBT community and being a sex worker at the same time is what words cannot define because you suffer double discrimination, violence and most often you are stoned to death.

Last week friday, November 2013, at approximately 8pm , our sex work colleague was deathly beaten in the streets of Mile one Limbe, here in the south west region. Our colleague Paul, commonly known as Pauline was out on a regularly night and was approached by a law enforcement officer on duty. The latter was a BIR officer who approached Pauline and wanted to go get intimate with her for he wanted to satisfy his sexual desires. Upon realizing Pauline was a transgendered sex worker, he immediately punched her on the face, pulled her along the streets of mile one promising to have her torn into pieces. Pauline was severly beaten by this BIR officer and if not of the intervention of some good hearted persons who interceded on her behalf, she would have been death by now.

When we heard of the incidence that was happening, we immediately rushed to the premises and did everything possible so Pauline could discreetly escape. We did everything to get the initials of this BIR officer, but every effort went in vain for he was comforted by his other BIR colleagues who did not want any body to approach him as they left the scene.
He promised to come back and get rid of Pauline and told her to rejoice for the main time and give her gratitude to the kind hearted persons around who saved her. He later on added, whenever he sees Pauline, no matter where she is, that is going to be the end of her for she is a disgrace to the human race. That the community does not need homosexuals, talkless of transgendered sex workers which is a terrible taboo.

As we speak right now, Pauline has left town for she fears for her life. This is really a sad situation because our rights are constantly been violated here in Cameroon, being a member of the LGBT sex work community is a terrible taboo here in the south west region of Cameroon where even the straight sex workers are constantly beaten, discriminated upon and stripped off their rights, denied access to public services.
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Bill S (user currently living in CAMEROON) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex readers on 05/09/2012
Never ending blackmails, discrimination and lack of information on the homosexual issue by the homophobic inhabitants of the south west region, Buea. Was in buea last weekend, to carryout a sensitization campaign with the local lgbti community who have no access to peer education, sensitization on sexual health and prevention messages. Being an activist in this field, I would be most honored if we could join our forces with already established organizations in this field!

Bill Simbo
-Sexual Minority Human Right Defender
2178, Boulevard de la LibertĂŠ-Akwa
BP: 12767 Douala-Cameroun
Tel:(237)74 07 64 65
(237)99 46 57 69
@: simbobill@yahoo.com
Skype: simbo.bill
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