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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in CAMEROON...
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Let me introduce myself, I am Julien Mbiada , I am 29 years, I partly grew up in Yaounde and I am representing Proudly Cameroon in Mr Gay World 2014. The competition takes place in Rome, Italy, 24 – 31 August, and I will be competing against 31 other delegates from all over the world.

The reason why I chose to take part in Mr Gay World is bring my support to all organizations fighting to get Cameroon to remove the law criminalizing male to male relations and make a Cameroon where one if free to love whoever he wants without the fear of being prosecuted. Who are we to just someone's feelings ? A life not able to truly express your love is already a life in a prison. I am not after gold, I am not after a tittle, all I wish thru my entering to Mr world is to make my government, African government to understand that we are not bad, we are actually the good the world could every thanks enough. We bring happiness, fun and prosperity. And just as the color of the rainbow, we make a nation colorful, bright and open to the world. We never been against a religion, we never corrupt, we are part of everyone's life but maintain out low profile and focus on perfectioning our duties. We pay out taxes, we adopt orphans and give them a future, we invest and support our nation, our nature... We respect our traditions. ALL WE ASK IN RETURN IS FREEDOM. Is that hard to give ? I am really honoured to get this possibility to represent my country and be able to promote my cause.

The Mr Gay Worl preparation wasn't easy I must say, as I didn't have any sponsor from my Dear country but I wasn't expecting anything in fact, I have support from friends around the world sponsors in Australia -Philippines and so and seeing and reading what everyone is doing to bring peace and love in Cameroon gave me the spirit of patriotism. I am doing what is right for Cameroon and one day I wish to celebrate with all a free an open minded African Country. Why not organizing one of the biggest and extravagan African Mardi gras We ever seen ? :)

As a Gay man in Cameroon, I was lucky to have a wonderful mother that understood me from the young age. I remember I used to find myself different @12yrs old asking mum why ain't I like my friends or other kids, I was feeling like something was either missing or different, by that I mean I was calm, reserve, hated violence , fascinate by culture, art, music and very very caring for others which made me spend most of my time in doors or looking after my grand grand mother during my school holidays I I was not traveling around the globe. Mum told me "I feels different because I am Special." That was all I needed to feel free about myself. Growing up, that sentence helped me a lot to go thru any kinda of discriminations "because I am special she said" and that was enough to make me feel like a free man. I can't say free man when other like me aren't that's why am using "feeling".
As a grown up gay men in Cameroon, it's sad to see how things have changed, people are using the fct that the colonial law still exist to hurt and abuse each either, which makes it hard to be openly gay. I have hurt many died and those in prison to being gay which is also another misuse of the current law. So far we still stand. A work needs to be done, the population need education and that needs to be introduce to the Africans, Camerionians with the help of our leaders. We are the children of this Nation, we feel because of our emotions orientation but we not different that anyone. We eat the same, we dance,drink,study, pray, believe to God or Hallah ... We are part of the society. We deserve what any men an women out there wish to find "Love". And that should not just come from aboard. We deserve to be looked at Cameroonians not as a Menace because we far from being one.

I hope my message can be send via this new paper, and help the world to Undertand that Cameroon is on the way to a beautiful future. That's part of develpment and I challenge our President Electer by Us all to bring du Change.
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(user currently living in CAMEROON) posted for gay readers on 26/07/2014 tagged with at the work place
Dear Sir /madam
I am from Cameroon. I am gay. due to
the fact that gays are
treated badly in my country, I am writing to you.
please hear me out
and ACT fast. I am a mathematics teacher by
profession. since my
employer discovered I was gay, my employment
was terminated. I was
also seriously beaten by groups of men until I
barely escaped for my
dear life. presently I am in hiding and the police
are looking for me
to arrest and jail me. please I need help. I
cannot teach in Cameroon
any more because off my sexual orientation. I
wish to seek for asylum
in America where I can express myself freely and
also practise my
trade as a mathematics teacher. please help me
do this. I lost my job
almost two years ago and have exhausted all my
savings so I am really
poor right now. since I lost my job, I have been
living in hiding.
things are not easy for me at all. should I suffer
because I am gay?
please come to my rescue because I am dying
slowly. please help me.
tel: +237 50365189
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kapsala (user currently living in CAMEROON) posted for gay readers on 09/03/2014 tagged with lgbt families, human rights, illegality of male to male relationships
It's really a nightmare to be an LGBTI here in Cameroon. Not only it's considered a serious crime, LGBTIs are treated as outcasts the community and they also suffer police brutality, torture and harassment on a constant basis. The "poor" families also go through hell. Here in the city of Limbe a suspected gay activist, Penda H F, has reportedly fled the country after he was detained, turtured and released with his friends and warned to desist from all such activities. I pray that with the help of the international community LGBTs here in Cameroon shall one day have their divine rights like all humans.
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LGBTI (user currently living in CAMEROON) posted for gay readers on 21/01/2014
The Cameroonian Artist Chris Landry Manengs, was identified by some sources to be a Homosexual, the rumor started years back “according to Testimonies” but the alarm rand when he was seen in a local Nightclub in an embarrassing position with his longtime Friend and Fashion Model “………………(name Removed)” , it didn’t stay long before the Government pressed charges against the “Soul Singer” and accuse him of violating the country's criminal prohibitions against homosexuality.
Chris Landry was later arrested in the small town of Buea in Cameroon’s southern region where he was on the hide. According to All Out, the Artist was turned in by an unidentified man who “denounced” the Singer for his sexual orientation and was castigated by local residents as “witch [who] deserve death.”

The Government deny to announce the date and time of the trial. According to sources, the Government won’t want Mr. Manengs to be subject to Public justice “Justice by the people”. Not long ago, a Cameroonian man who was sentenced to three years in prison for sending “gay text messages” and has been reportedly sexually assaulted during his imprisonment, so what will be the case of the 24 years old Soul Singer?.

Cameroon is a country with few attorneys working on behalf of gays in a country where charges of same-sex relationships can carry a penalty of up to five years. Human rights groups including Amnesty International have called on the Cameroonian government to drop all laws criminalizing homosexuality. Meanwhile, other African countries including Liberia and Nigeria have moved in recent months to strengthen, not weaken, such laws.
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ben (user currently living in SOUTH AFRICA) posted for gay readers on 27/09/2013
The police in Cameroon is corrupt and so heartless. Some of them are homosexuals them selves. We got arrested and they raped us. what a shame
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martial (user currently living in CAMEROON) posted for gay readers on 28/06/2013
hello to all. I am a Cameroonian and I live right now in my country Cameroon. I do not speak English very well so I use google translate for this. I'm gay and this is from my infancy I feel well. I'm making an effort to get rid of my natural but always come running back. when my family know that I'm gay because they chased me in our region being gay is synonymous with bad luck in the family. I was put in prison and up to date I'm still chasing. I changed my town I do not know how many times. I do not know why they do not like us. I want to leave here. I'm 34 right now and I've never had a normal life with someone I love help me foresstango@yahoo.fr
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Bill S (user currently living in CAMEROON) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex readers on 05/09/2012
Never ending blackmails, discrimination and lack of information on the homosexual issue by the homophobic inhabitants of the south west region, Buea. Was in buea last weekend, to carryout a sensitization campaign with the local lgbti community who have no access to peer education, sensitization on sexual health and prevention messages. Being an activist in this field, I would be most honored if we could join our forces with already established organizations in this field!

Bill Simbo
-Sexual Minority Human Right Defender
2178, Boulevard de la LibertĂŠ-Akwa
BP: 12767 Douala-Cameroun
Tel:(237)74 07 64 65
(237)99 46 57 69
@: simbobill@yahoo.com
Skype: simbo.bill
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Brandon (user currently living in CAMEROON) posted for gay bisexual readers in response to this story on 22/06/2012 +0
Being an activist, i run a humanitarian association here in cameroon, based in the souwest region where being gay is like being a criminal. You get attacked, get beaten, get blackmailed! I would like to work with international volunteers, donors, persons of goodwill who will help me put an end to all this violation interms of human rights and social discrimination. here is the address of my association..: humanity.accessfoundation@gmail.com
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Bill (user currently living in CAMEROON) posted for gay bisexual readers on 22/06/2012 +0
I am Brandon, founder and president of a humans right defense association here in cameroon. I got blackmailed by some acquaintances,dishing my name on his facebook blog because a bisexual friend of mine propositioned him after realising he was open minded and had similar experiences in the past. The guy in question who has been thrashing my name on blogs told me his dad is a diplomat and mom a journalist, they will have me jailed and have me all over the media. I told him to go ahead i now give him my official authorisation. He knew this was not possible so he turned to facebook as area of last resort and started saying whatever thing got to him you could use to bring down someone's name
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billbrandon (user currently living in CAMEROON) posted for gay readers on 01/09/2011 +4
my name is bill and i am writing all the way in cameroon, i now work in an NGO for human rights defense and sexual health prevention. apex some weeks back, i chated with a soo called gay guy on a dating site and he pleaded i meet with him at his neighbour, he offered to take me to his hotel i said no , he's like i shouldnt be scared he wont harm me. we then decided and took a seat at the nearest snack bar. in less than no time he told me he was a cop under cover and they are out to track persons like me. i told him if its a joke, i dont have time for this and i gotta leave. he said i am going to go nowhere and the police force is already on their way coming......
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hi i was just reading and i could see my self appart being abused by people and friends i was also rejectted by my family and i stayed in jail for some time but ik kept hoping and finally i could leave the country.But i was realy suprise when in europe i met cameroonians leaving here for so long having the same reaction like in cameroon.I couldn't believe that some of them said that homosexuality is abomination some of them even said that the couldn't eat with people like that refering to gays.It's a big shame for people to think like that everyone has the right to leave free and do whatever he want thanks
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