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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in BRAZIL...
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(user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay readers on 24/01/2013 tagged with gender identity, sexual orientation
I'm 40, professor, and live in a State capital city in southern Brazil. I "came out" in 1992, all my family, my friends, the people in the University know about my condition. I experienced a minor episode of homophobia in the University in 2003, when I was excluded from an evaluation comission, but in general the conditions are very positive. The students are more tollerant than the professor, because young people grew up in more tollerant times. But I never faced any overt manifestation of homophobia. In my city the general attitude about LGBTI people is relativelly positive. Of course, there are some hostile attitude, but you can see [not so common, but you can see] gay couples with hand in hand, and kissing. Some months ago, I young man related in Facebook that he suffer a verbal menace, when he kissed his boyfriend in a mall, from a straight man. I would say that is not so safe to kiss in public... My region is more conservative than Rio de Janeiro, for example, but we have much less urban violence. In any case, you must not see to Carnaval scenes in TV and believe that common people in the streets behave like that. That's very far away from the reality...
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Gustavo Homsi (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 22/12/2012 tagged with gender identity
Well, this is novel
A small contribution.
A look neat and without prejudice.
A love story, I hpe You like.
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I lived half of my life in the USA and when I came back here I saw so many bad things happening to my people and they even don't know about it. Sense I am a stranger in my country, makes very difficult to start something with the help of others. Specially because here in Brazil they believe you must know someone to get some where and they don't believe a person can do good just because to do good is the right thing to do. So I started what I call the VOICELESS PROJECT. I will create my youtube account showing the things I am doing and the things I believe is wrong and solutions we could use to make things better for everyone.
Sad part is the GLBT community here in Brazil they don't know their own rights and most of them live in the shadows afraid of the worst. Those are out some end up doing drugs and prostitution cause they can't get education ( afraid of bullying ) or a job ( specially when the men are so feminine, or women so masculine). Those are transgender, few can get a job at some beauty shop and most end up doing prostitution. I was thinking of giving to them free english lessons, to help build up some confidence in themselves and show there is a huge world out there and they can dream about a better life. But it isn't easy, I am still by myself and all the people I tried to reach for help called me crazy for doing so ( including some people from the own gay community). But I know it happens cause they don't have role models to follow, and I can't be one yet. That's why I am trying to affiliate do organizations so I can make a network that will help me to get where I want to get to help those are in need. I am well spoken person, I can speak fluently in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Also I have very good knowledge about the bible and human rights to win a debate with respect and control of my emotions regardless how mean someone can talk to me.
So if you want to help me in my project, let me affiliate your your group so I can build up a strong network.
Here is my email
I live in Brazil now for the past 8 months, but must of my life I lived in Boston USA.
Well thanks for your attention, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Ronald ;-)
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Sou o Rev.Cristiano Valério, tenho 34 anos de idade, Pastor da Igreja da Comunidade Metropolitana de São Paulo e Coordenador de Desenvolvimento das ICMs no Brasil atualmente, nove comunidades no Brasil, vivendo o desafio de ser um abrigo a Cristãos e Cristãs LGBTs. Este desafio tem sido muito enriquecedor nos pocibilitando a vivencia religiosa numa visão libertária e radicalmente inclusiva. Somos uma comunidade de pessoas que compartilham do desejo de viver a mensagem de Jesus de forma a incluir, e não excluir; curar, e não ferir; pacificar, e não guerrear; encorajar, e não desanimar; libertar, e não aprisionar; incentivar a liberdade e criatividade de pensamento. A Igreja da Comunidade Metropolitana é uma comunidade global que está derrubando muros e construindo esperança! Ao redor do mundo, a ICM molda a integração saudável da sexualidade e da espiritualidade para que gays, lésbicas, bissexuais, transsexuais, heterossexuais e questionadores possam viver com integridade como pessoas de fé.
Rev.Cristiano Valério
Igreja da Comunidade Metropolitana de São Paulo
Rua Sebastião Pereira, 231 Santa Cecilia - São Paulo - SP
Tel 55 (11) 2801 7574
55 (11) 2737 3998
Cel. 55 (11) 6391 3998
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