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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in BRAZIL...
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Akber Rizvi (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay transgender bisexual readers in response to this story on 27/01/2013 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, health, hiv/aids
please let me know more if i can apply for asylum anywhere as soon as possible. me and my boyfriend and my colleague are not safe. pls email me on akber_rizvi@yahoo.com
we are working here in MSM-CBO (those male who have sex with male-community based organization, for HIV/AIDS and STIs prevention with GFATM.
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(user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay readers on 24/01/2013 tagged with gender identity, sexual orientation
I'm 40, professor, and live in a State capital city in southern Brazil. I "came out" in 1992, all my family, my friends, the people in the University know about my condition. I experienced a minor episode of homophobia in the University in 2003, when I was excluded from an evaluation comission, but in general the conditions are very positive. The students are more tollerant than the professor, because young people grew up in more tollerant times. But I never faced any overt manifestation of homophobia. In my city the general attitude about LGBTI people is relativelly positive. Of course, there are some hostile attitude, but you can see [not so common, but you can see] gay couples with hand in hand, and kissing. Some months ago, I young man related in Facebook that he suffer a verbal menace, when he kissed his boyfriend in a mall, from a straight man. I would say that is not so safe to kiss in public... My region is more conservative than Rio de Janeiro, for example, but we have much less urban violence. In any case, you must not see to Carnaval scenes in TV and believe that common people in the streets behave like that. That's very far away from the reality...
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Gustavo Homsi (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 22/12/2012 tagged with gender identity
Well, this is novel
A small contribution.
A look neat and without prejudice.
A love story, I hpe You like.
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(user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian transgender readers on 18/07/2012 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention

179 LGBTQ people murdered in 2012 victims of Hate Crimes
278 LGBTQ people murdered in 2011 victims of Hate Crimes
260 LGBTQ people murdered in 2010 victims of Hate Crimes
250 LGBTQ people murdered in 2009 victims of Hate Crimes
240 LGBTQ people murdered in 2008 victims of Hate Crimes
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Benjamin Bee (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 13/07/2012 tagged with human rights, laws and leadership , sexual orientation +10

Exmo. Sr.
Ophir Filgueiras Cavalcante Junior
Diretor Presidente do Conselho Federal da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil

O Secretariado da Suprapartidária LGBT vem por meio deste encaminhar a V. Excia a Petição Permanente da Suprapartidária LGBT dirigida a Presidência do Conselho Federal da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil.

A presente campanha de abaixo assinado é perpétua e de caráter global, ou até que a decisão do Conselho Federal da OAB seja favorável e encaminhe nossa demanda ao Secretário Geral da Nações Unidas, Ban Ki-moon, porque leva-nos a crer que nem o Executivo e nem o Legislativo brasileiros ouviriam nosso CLAMOR mesmo que partisse da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil.

As mais de 1000 (mil) assinaturas até o presente momento encontram-se no site

e sugerimos que V. Excia tome conhecimento também das reportagens nacionais catalogadas no blog "Quem a Homofobia Matou Hoje?" como subsídio inicial para a vossa decisão.

Segue o CLAMOR em língua inglesa, objeto da campanha da comunidade LGBT do Brasil abaixo representada.

Petition to OAB in favor of sexual minorities and victims of hate crime


The Brazilian civil society hereby represented by all minorities, warranted or not, by law force, against prejudice and discrimination come to beg OAB (Order of Attorneys of Brazil) for help, pleading with them to put in a good word with the UN and speak out against the negligence by Brazilian Executive and Legislative powers' toward LGBT people.

Our Human Rights have been systematically denied and violated through the growing influence of radical segments based on religious fundamentalism, mainly represented by evangelical Members of Parliament, who politically blackmail the Executive so it will not give course to public policies against homophobia, or to law bills that would criminalize homophobia on the same grounds as racism.

This situation of paralysis and vacuity of legal rights has brought up grave implications such as significant raise of homicides with refinement of cruelty motivated by hatred, taking the life of a homosexual every 20 hours - only in the beginning of 2012.

If nothing shall be done, Brazil will motionlessly witness the increase of homophobic murders from 266 documented crimes in 2011 to an estimated figure – if the current pace remains – of about 350 hate crimes in 2012.

We, the civil society composed of women, Afro-Descendants, foreigners, elders, disabled, LGBT people and other defenders of these minorities' Human Rights, need to have our denunciation and plead reach the United Nations.

We firmly believe that the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB), as a stronghold of the democratic State, which aims at defending all Brazilian people's citizenship, has enough political and social scope to be taken into account by the most important international organization of Human Rights defense, interceding for these over 20 million oppressed people (LGBT’s 10% of the population) and urge Brazil to accomplish its inalienable commitment to human dignity applied to the totality of Brazilian people.


Prof. Dr. Luiz Mott - Anthropologist, Historian, Researcher, Dean of the LGBT Movement of Brazil and founder of Gay Group of Bahia
Prof. Dr.Toni Reis - President of ABGLT (Brazilian Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender), Councillor with the National LGBT Council
Prof. M.A. Luiz Roberto Warken - Consultant of Rainbow Institute, State of Santa Catarina, Southern Regional Director of ABRAGAY, Brazilian Association of Gays with the Social Movements Dpt.
Jovanna Baby -President of the National Articulation of Transvestites and Transgenders - ANTRA, Municipal Policy Director for Free Sexual Orientation (2010)
Rita Colaco - M.A. in Social Policy and Ph.D. in Social History UFF, blogger
Joao Silverio Trevisan - Writer, journalist, playwright, translator, filmmaker
Leo Mendes - Journalist and National Coordinator of ArtGay
Julian Rodrigues - National Coordinator of the LGBT Sector of PT (Workers' Party) until April 2012 and the Paulista LGBT Alliance
Yone Lindgren - Vice President of the Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender; General Coordinator of D'Ellas Movement
Justo Favaretto - Businessman and director of United Homo and Front LGBTT NGOs- SP
Dimitri Sales - Lawyer, M.A. and D.A. in Constitutional Law from PUC SP, Member of Committee on Human Rights and Sexual Diversity and Combating Homophobia with OAB SP, Former Coordinator for Sexual Diversity Policies in the State of Sao Paulo.
Everton de Lima Oliveira - Activist, founder and responsible for the LGBT Brazil Group
Marcelo Cerqueira - Historian and President of Grupo Gay da Bahia / GGB
Carlos Tufvesson - Stylist and activist of civil and human rigths
Maria Berenice Dias - Lawyer, Retired Chief Judge, Vice President of the Brazilian Institute of Family Rights - IBDFAM, Chair of the Special Commission of Sexual Diversity of Order of Attorneys of Brazil Federal Council, Member of the Council of the Economic and Social Development of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Postgraduate and M.A. in Civil Procedure from PUC-RS
Eduardo Piza Mello - Attorney, Chairman of the Group of Lawyers for Sexual Diversity - GAdvs, Institute Edson Néris. - IEN
Oswaldo Braga, journalist and founder of Minas Gay Movement - MGM
Marco Trajano - President of Minas Gay Movement - MGM
Edith Modesto - Writer, University Professor and Researcher, M.A. and PhD in French Semiotics from USP, Therapist and founder of GPH - Brazilian Association of Mothers and Fathers of Homosexuals
Ivone Pita - Activist founder and co-responsible for the group "Everyone against homophobia, transphobia and lesbophobia"
Sergio Viula - Graduated in Theology from Bethel Theological Seminary in Rio and graduated in Philosophy from UERJ, President of the LGBT Council of the Secular Humanist League of Brazil (LiHS), author, blogger and teacher
Paulo Tavares Mariante - Lawyer and activist with IDENTITY - Group of Struggle for Sexual Diversity
Congressman Jean Wyllys - Professor and Journalist from Rio de Janeiro
Congressman Dr. Rosinha - Physician, founder and director of Municipal Union of Public Employees (Sismuc) and director of the Brazilian Center for Health Studies. Congressman of Paraná.
Marcos Fernandes - National Presidente of Diversidade Tucana - PSDB and Parliamentary Assistant to the Secretary of Finance
NOTE: The above list represents the mainstream of the Brazilian Homossexual Movement, which is therefore the largest and best representation of the BHM (in Portugese, MHB). Moreover, all the signatures have been confirmed, documented and archived, being available for consultation for the sake of transparency in the process.

The secretariat of the nonpartisan LGBT movement
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Durval (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian bisexual intersex straight readers on 06/02/2012
When i was a teenager my taste for music, movies and friendships weren't the "normal" interests. That's made me a target. I never liked football, the national passion and what's considered men's thing, i always felt more confortable close girls doing girls stuff, and even without being effeminate, people start to comment.
After this i tried hardly to change myself. I hung out with several girls... but the feelings inside me... wasn't this. So i stopped fighting against me, if i like boys so it is... and finaly i accepted me for who i am.
There's nothing easy, and I'm still scared, but day by day I'm comming out a little more.
In this days i've been passing problems with my parents, they don't accepted the fact i'm gay, my mother has this foolish hope that one day i'll find some girl ... and my father poke me everytime with some indirect words.
But i'm trusting that some day the things will fit in!

Sorry about the terrible english!
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I lived half of my life in the USA and when I came back here I saw so many bad things happening to my people and they even don't know about it. Sense I am a stranger in my country, makes very difficult to start something with the help of others. Specially because here in Brazil they believe you must know someone to get some where and they don't believe a person can do good just because to do good is the right thing to do. So I started what I call the VOICELESS PROJECT. I will create my youtube account showing the things I am doing and the things I believe is wrong and solutions we could use to make things better for everyone.
Sad part is the GLBT community here in Brazil they don't know their own rights and most of them live in the shadows afraid of the worst. Those are out some end up doing drugs and prostitution cause they can't get education ( afraid of bullying ) or a job ( specially when the men are so feminine, or women so masculine). Those are transgender, few can get a job at some beauty shop and most end up doing prostitution. I was thinking of giving to them free english lessons, to help build up some confidence in themselves and show there is a huge world out there and they can dream about a better life. But it isn't easy, I am still by myself and all the people I tried to reach for help called me crazy for doing so ( including some people from the own gay community). But I know it happens cause they don't have role models to follow, and I can't be one yet. That's why I am trying to affiliate do organizations so I can make a network that will help me to get where I want to get to help those are in need. I am well spoken person, I can speak fluently in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Also I have very good knowledge about the bible and human rights to win a debate with respect and control of my emotions regardless how mean someone can talk to me.
So if you want to help me in my project, let me affiliate your your group so I can build up a strong network.
Here is my email
I live in Brazil now for the past 8 months, but must of my life I lived in Boston USA.
Well thanks for your attention, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Ronald ;-)
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JORGE PEREZ (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian readers on 02/08/2011 +42
Hello my name is jorge perez novoa, i am from spain, i am in brazil right now hided from them, they tried to kill me twice. They invite gays and lesbians from all over the world, mainly americans, they take all the money from them, and then kill them on a satanic ritual with ayahusca. This religion also deals with cocaine, they send cocaine all over the world to their churches wirhin the ayahuasca they send, they have churches in new york, miami, texas, hawaii. the ones that have discovered it were killed, reseach on how many gay americans or gays from all over the world have dissapeared on the amazonas area, mainly rio branco, cobija, boca do acre.The ones that start to know a lot, they diagnose them HIV positive, and give them 3 times the usuall dosis, to kill them as quick as possible, it was my case, i never hide to any of them that i am gay, even my own parents tried to kill me because of that with those pills, untill i discovered that i am HIV negative, and i told them, then they tried to kill me with sulfamide on my food, querosene on my water. I am sending you two documents, one i sent to the spanish embassy in manaos brazil, with no answer, and the denunce i made on the federal police of rio branco.
Please Help me They are killing our people, i have proff of everything
jorge perez novoa rio branco acre brazil i have proof of evrything help me
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Rafael (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay readers on 30/03/2011 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, laws and leadership +5
Brazil needs your help! Please help us against homophobic.

We are conducting a movement against the homophobic conduct of one of our representatives in government, deputy Jair Bolsonaro, who made racist and homophobic statements in a TV show, we are looking for help around the world against such attitudes, our country needs everyone's help in this moment we can not leave these lines of thought exist anywhere in the world. Public, for twitter, facebook ... and help us in this struggle for human rights.

Follow the story below:


30/03/2011 16h52 - Updated 30/03/2011 18:51

'I'm sanding to these people, "says Bolsonaro about gay movement
He also said Preta Gil has 'credibility' to talk about ethics.
Mr linked, on TV, with black women dating the 'promiscuity'.

Nathan Finch and Mariana Oliveira G1 in Brasilia

Mr Jair Bolsonaro (PP-RJ) said on Wednesday (30), during the funeral of former Vice President Jose Alencar, who is "sanding" to the homosexual movement. He was involved in a controversy this week after binding in a television program, dating to the black "promiscuity." The deputy explained that he wanted to say that dating is gay promiscuity.

On the show "CQC", TV Bandeirantes, aired on Monday night (28), said he would not discuss Bolsonaro "promiscuity" when asked by singer Preta Gil, about how he would react if his son dating a black woman.
Learn more

Jair Bolsonaro want to go to the Ethics Commission to explain statements
Deputy associate with black women on TV dating the 'promiscuity'

The question, previously recorded, was submitted under the program entitled "People want to know:" If your child fall in love with a black, what would you do? " Bolsonaro replied: "Black, I will not argue with promiscuity whatever. I do not run that risk, and my children were very polite and did not live in an environment like, unfortunately, it's yours."

"What I understand there's Gil, by God in heaven, was how I would react if my son had a relationship with a gay. That's what I understand, "said the deputy, in an interview at the Planalto Palace.
I'm sanding to those guys. Created around the parliamentary front against homophobia, gay front there. What these people have to offer to society? Gay marriage? Adoption of children? Say that if their young, one day, they have a son who is gay is cool? "
Jair Bolsonaro

Asked what he thought of the homosexual movement, who accuse him of homophobia, he said:

"I'm sanding to those guys. Created around the parliamentary front against homophobia, gay front there. What these people have to offer to society? Gay marriage? Adoption of children? Say that if their young, one day, they have a son who is gay is cool? These folks have nothing to offer. "

Despite the criticism, said Bolsonaro have nothing against homosexuals do "between four walls." "I have nothing to do. Each one does what he wants with his hairy little body within four walls. What they have to offer does not interest me. Now I do not want the audience to create LGBT curriculum for public schools from first grade. "

The MP also criticized bills that would establish quotas for gays in public education. "Maria del Rosario, the Department of Human Rights, launched here the National Human Rights for the LGBT audience, establishing quotas for homosexual teacher first degree. Creates scholarship for young homosexual. Creates a paid internship for young homosexual. Now, besides a variety of assessments that we have today, will have quota for gays, "he said.

The MP also criticized the singer Preta Gil saying she has "no credibility" to talk about ethics. After viewing the program in which Bolsonaro answers a question about dating with black women, Preta Gil tweeted Bolsonaro sue that "attorney driven, I am a Black woman, strong and go to the end against the MP, Racist, Homophobic, disgusting ".

"Everybody who want to enter the process is fair. The way to solve problems is through the courts. Now, what example she has for life ethics charge? If you go on her blog, is written there that she has participated in sex acts with other women, part of Fucking, "he said.

Bolsonaro said he feared losing the seat on the Human Rights Committee of the Board. "They who in my chair is the leader of my party," he said, adding that it will not stop defending their ideas. "Soldier goes to war and are afraid to die a coward. I am here to defend my ideas. (...) I will not cower per share of Preta."

When asked about whether it is racist, he said: "Racist, me? Just poor in the military, how can I be racist?"



Rafael Domingos Bof
Vit贸ria, Esp铆rito Santo - Brazil
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Alexandre (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian bisexual readers on 28/03/2011 tagged with tourism +5
Well, I'm brazilian, male homosexual and also a tourism bachelor. I have my own blog which describes my experiences throughout travel accross Brazil and New Zealand. I wondered if I publish my picture there, because its a public blog. But I feel courage enough to put there some days ago. It's true that violence against LGBT people is, unfortunately, a real problem in Brazil. I know about it, but we get used to it. For example, if you are a discreet LGBT, probably people will do not know your sexual feelings. Although these problems, Brazil is a great country to live nowadays and its people hospitality is very good. LGBT people are always welcome here. There are some tips to avoid violence, in general. I mean, before travelling to here, people may search the places that are safe, places that are unsafe at the city they wanna visit. I invite LGBT friends here to visit my blog and get some tips about my "brazilian way of life"!

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(user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian readers on 28/03/2011 tagged with tourism
Well, I'm brazilian, male homosexual and also a tourism bachelor. I have my own blog which describes my experiences throughout travel accross Brazil and New Zealand. I wondered if I publish my picture there, because its a public blog. But I feel courage enough to put there some days ago. It's true that violence against LGBT people is, unfortunately, a real problem in Brazil. I know about it, but we get used to it. For example, if you are a discreet LGBT, probably people will do not know your sexual feelings. Although these problems, Brazil is a great country to live nowadays and its people hospitality is very good. LGBT people are always welcome here. There are some tips to avoid violence, in general. I mean, before travelling to here, people may search the places that are safe, places that are unsafe at the city they wanna visit. I invite LGBT friends here to visit my blog and get some tips about my "brazilian way of life"!

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Henrique Veloso (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay readers on 28/02/2011
Letter to my fellow Friends,

We already are expressive numbers in a modern society, however still we live in the dark, separate by taboos and customs that permanently exclude us from the social conviviality. We do not ask for differentiated treatment, only the same treatment that is given to all human. It would ask too much? We can full avenues of happiness and love, really true, free feelings of interest; We don’t choose to be, we are born! You can’t decide, can uncover it. The choice most difficult of our lives is to assume this love, or to live a lie, to construct a life based on secrets. But at the end, will be valid live a lie? To know that in the end everything could have been different? However one more time, we taken by this love, protect our loved beings of the suffering, and prefer to be a martyr and to corrode on the inside to the few. This suffering would not have to be present more, where is the dreamed freedom for all? She is not here. As it is possible that in the same place where we nail to the love and the joy, they nail to the death and the pain, this is the part that I come to remember all our fellow friends that had not only died in the Paulista avenue, but in all the parts of this world. Why they had died? Cause they were not equal to the normal standard. We can until evolved from the animal, but we abandoned the wild part of you soul?
I’m nineteen years old, I’m so tired to hide behind a mask, and I imagine the pain of my population. Dear friends I come by this letter to ask for you, independent if you are a men or women, I come to ask for helps to the human part of your soul. We don’t go to leave that more people die; We can’t leave that more people suffer what we suffer every day. I need to believe that we could be free, and I come to invite you to be part of this dream, to share with me this hope. I am not asking too much, I only want a normal life, a long and calm marriage, a friendly neighborhood and a happy family. It is time to initiate a revolution! The world was adapted to be recognized. We go to make of our stops a movement beyond the love and of the joy, but a politician movement, who has as objective includes as legal member of the society, I am not speaking of only laws, I am speaking of RESPECT! We have this right; I have pride to be a gay. Friends in my veins run a deeper feeling called love. And I have certainty, the same feeling that runs in my veins, runs in yours too.
Why we would suffer if it was not a noblest of the feelings? Independent of your name, Gay, Lesbian or etc, remember you are HUMAN first, part of one and at equal of everyone. Why then he would have to be treated different?

The time is now, and we cannot wait more, or then how many people had died while we wait?

My better votes to all!

Henrique Veloso
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Puckish Puck (user currently living in NETHERLANDS) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 01/11/2010 +5

Pukish Puck & Magic
Magical story from East to West .

A Lesbien fairy Tale .

A soft breeze was playing on the wind, gently caressing all of nature's bounty, lilting over leaves and occasionally making a bold sashay through the upper branches of the trees just to be noticed. A very low, milky moon seemed to sigh in the sky and the river water trickled and tinkled, making a sound like angels playing heavenly chords. Annu was sitting under an old tree singing a song and playing with Puck's hair. Puck was lost in her counting of the stars on her fingers. "Arti has left us, Annu; we are never going to see her again any more, I mean never," Puck said sadly.

"You know she has become an angel and she is with you - closer than you know. One day you'll become an angel too, just in a different way with getting married and having family when you live for others," Annu said reassuringly.

"No! No -I don't want to become an angel."

"What?" Annu enquired, her voice tinged with disbelief.

"No, not an angel; I want to be a bird," Puck replied matter-of-factly.


"What would I do with wings if I could not feel the wind?"

"Hum that's interesting, you know I have given all of my grandchildren a piece of jewelry and to my sons and daughter I have even given them a piece of property but to you today I want to give you something that is most important to me, you can say it's a part of me." With saying that,

Annu put her palm on Puck's eye, "I give you my dream."

Puck clutched on to her hand with her own small fingers. "Wow!"

"But be careful - it will take you very, very far away. Your way will not be easy but full of struggle and pain and suffering but the secret of its success is that you just have to keep walking and following...you hear. You will have to do this until my dream comes true. My dream for you is wings and this is what you will get from me." Puck smiled innocently and hugged her tightly. Annu gave a heavy sigh and said, "It is not only a dream but a huge responsibility on your small shoulders." "But how will I know that your dream has come true?"

Annu smiled very wisely, looked in Puck's eyes and said, "Because where and when my dream comes true, there and then will be the start of a fairytale of your own. Then you'll realize that you have ultimately become a part of a magical dream and will live happy ever after."
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Sou o Rev.Cristiano Valério, tenho 34 anos de idade, Pastor da Igreja da Comunidade Metropolitana de São Paulo e Coordenador de Desenvolvimento das ICMs no Brasil atualmente, nove comunidades no Brasil, vivendo o desafio de ser um abrigo a Cristãos e Cristãs LGBTs. Este desafio tem sido muito enriquecedor nos pocibilitando a vivencia religiosa numa visão libertária e radicalmente inclusiva. Somos uma comunidade de pessoas que compartilham do desejo de viver a mensagem de Jesus de forma a incluir, e não excluir; curar, e não ferir; pacificar, e não guerrear; encorajar, e não desanimar; libertar, e não aprisionar; incentivar a liberdade e criatividade de pensamento. A Igreja da Comunidade Metropolitana é uma comunidade global que está derrubando muros e construindo esperança! Ao redor do mundo, a ICM molda a integração saudável da sexualidade e da espiritualidade para que gays, lésbicas, bissexuais, transsexuais, heterossexuais e questionadores possam viver com integridade como pessoas de fé.
Rev.Cristiano Valério
Igreja da Comunidade Metropolitana de São Paulo
Rua Sebastião Pereira, 231 Santa Cecilia - São Paulo - SP
Tel 55 (11) 2801 7574
55 (11) 2737 3998
Cel. 55 (11) 6391 3998
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Osmar Rezende (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers in response to this story on 24/08/2010 tagged with human rights, laws and leadership
The Osmar Rezende blog is: http://osmarbhz.blogspot.com
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Osmar Rezende (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay readers on 24/08/2010 tagged with laws and leadership
I've been quite busy with my application to the Federal Chamber. I intend to elect me a federal deputy for the Green Party, defending the LGBT movement. My motto is "Vote against homophobia. Defend citizenship."
It is very difficult to overcome the barriers homophobic, especially in politics, plagued by religious fundamentalists.
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Karl Pinheyro (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 20/08/2010
Nunca me envolvi com a comunidade LGBT, e m einteressei a fazer isso a partir do ano de 2008. Como sou gestor esportivo, comecei a pesquisar sobre o que existia no Brasil em relação ao oferecimento de esportes para o público. Tal qual foi a minha surpresa em saber que não existiam ações concretas, fiquei mais assustado ainda, quando descobri que os Gay Games são disputados desde 1982, e nunca havíamos enviado uma delegação oficial para os jogos. A partir disso iniciei varios caminhos para entender os hábitos da comunidade LGBT, e reslvi juntamente com a Prefeitura de São Paulo organizar o 1° Passeio Ciclístico da Diversidade Sexual, que aconteceu em novembro de 2009. De lá pra cá, me envolvi cade vez mais com a causa, e apoiei através da minha empresa (KFuture Sports) outros eventos esportivos com foco na população, como o Copadellas (Futsal lésbicas), SP Bike Circuit (The Week) e ações extra esportivas. Agora já temos vários parceiros, como o CDG Brasil (Comite Desportivo LGBT) e muitos projetos encaminhados, para os fins esportivos, inclusive a intenção de realização de uma olímpiada nacional LGBT e aproveitar os megaeventos que serão realizados no país, para tentar ser sede dos Gay Games e OutGames.
Karl Pinheyro
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preoccupied squashes (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 09/06/2010
A professor has proposed the change of 'Homophobia' to 'Anti Gay' because Homo means same and Phobo(s) means fear. Id Est: Homophobia means two or more persons fearing the same thing, example: Tom and John are afraid of elevators so they are homophobic about elevators. Thus Homophobia does not apply for fearing homosexual(s). It applies to two or more persons that have the same fear(Homo-same, Phobo-fear).
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Davi, Brazil (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 27/03/2010 +5

I come here to ask you all to help preventing Marcelo Dourado, a gay-hater, neo nazi hooligan from winning Big Brother Brazil 10. He is one step away from the final (there are 5 people left in the house, out of which 2 will be evicted before the final).

He has caused much controversy throughout the show such as saying heterosexuals don't contract HIV, by asking other participants to not talk about homosexuality in front of him, by shouting he would have broken the fingers and beaten her up and sent her to hospital if it weren't for the cameras when he argued with a girl in the house, among other deplorable things.

He has a swastica tattoo and is a typical thug, but has managed to remain in the show despite being nominated by the house because, sadly, he has a considerable following. But the reason of his strength lies in his Dourado Mafia, a group of 700,000 followers who vote for his opponents to leave 24 hours a day when voting is open. As a result, all the 4 times he was nominated by the house the voting record was broken and his opponent ended up leaving the house (one of them reached 93 million votes).

Now he has been nominated again along with his biggest rival in the house: Dicesar, a homosexual, who is also a drag queen. This is an early final, since they are the 2 favourites to win the show and at the same time fierce enemies. Both have large following, but according to all polls Dourado is by far the favourite.

That's why I come here to ask you all for help, it would be a disgrace if someone like that won Big Brother, not only for Brazil but for mankind. Brazil has the highest rate of gay murder in the world (yes, Brazil is the country of contrasts: it has the largest gay parade in the world, it has recognised many gay rights, but some regions are still very backwards), and if Dourado wins it it will be a major setback. This has achieved great proportions in Brazil to the point where many see it as a plebiscite which if he wins it, it will mean homophobia prevailed. I have been voting all night and masses of people are voting against him, but at the same time his supporters are many and they are truly fanatical.

As a gay sympathiser and believer that a hater like him shouldn't win the prize, I beg you for help. This was supposed to be the most sexually liberal Big Brother Brazil edition ever, with 1 lesbian, several gays and a bisexual man and lots of sympathisers, but Dourado has managed to steal the spotlight and become the central figure.

Please follow the link:


then click on the sentence just below the photos, and then vote on DOURADO (you have to click on him then go and click on VOTAR, after typing in the anti-spam words) the nazi on the right. The vote is to choose the person you want OUT, not IN. You can vote as many times as you want or can. Voting has just opened now and will go on until today Saturday evening, when one of them will be evicted. Please vote many, many times, his supporters are voting 1000, 2000, 3000 times each.

Without your help this guy will surely win this voting again and then go on to win the final.

Thank you!
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(user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 26/03/2010
Homophobic Neo-nazi may win our Big Brother Brazil

The name of the Homophobic neo-nazi is Marcelo Dourado.

One of the controversies:

DOURADO, disgusted with Angelica (Participant Lesbian), says that if the candidate were a man, would have broken her finger and sent to the hospital.

Marcelo Dourado controversy arose on the morning of Tuesday (2), during the swimming pool. The fighter said to colleagues that a man who has AIDS in "some time had a relationship with another man." "Straight not catch AIDS, I say this because I talked to doctors and they told me that. A man passes to another man, but a woman does not go to the man, "he said.

Elenita not liked what he heard and argued, "Gold, if the person has AIDS it will pass and the number of married women who contract the disease is enormous."

"If a married woman has the disease is because her husband was wrong and at some point was bisexual," he replied. Serginho did not agree with the argument and said that to his colleagues

Even with all this he still is the participant's preferred mass teen

We must unite, because it is not simply a TV show but more of a battle for rights and respect for homosexuals, whatever their nationality, help us!

the votation starts today at 9:00PM (time in United States). Please Help Us.

when voting open, will appers on the first page of the site (http://bbb.globo.com)
something like this: http://www.manualdoadvogado.com.br/p/vote.jpg

the name of the Homophobic is DOURADO,click him and vote! thank you.
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coloridobbb (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian readers on 23/02/2010 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention +0
There are three openly gay contestants in the Big Brother Brazil house this season: a 20-year-old boy, a drag queen, and a lesbian. I did not necessarily expect any of them to be the favorites to win the R$ 1.5 million prize, but what I also did not expect is the fact that the only homophobe in the house is current favorite to win the big prize, perhaps a sign that the majority of viewers across the country are not ready for all the gay exposure on the show.

Over the course of the last 50 days, Marcelo Dourado, a castaway from season 3 of Big Brother Brazil who was brought back to the show this season, has made sure to let Brazilian viewers know that he is not only homophobic, but also ignorant, and misogynistic. Earlier in the season he caught the media attention by saying that heterosexual men could not contract the HIV virus even by having sex with HIV positive women because AIDS only affected gay men. According to him, the HIV virus is spread exclusively through homosexual sex. After that statement, which was obviously addressed by Globo network, Dourado refused to have conversations which involved any gay topics saying that it disgusted him. He also said that being called gay is as offensive as being called a thief or a nazi, which I find insulting and repulsive.

Tomorrow Dourado is up for elimination against two homosexual contestants, and even though I know he is the current favorite I hope the gay community in Brazil will make a strong campaign to get him sent home. It is not that I want the gay contestants to stay, but I do want Dourado out of the show. Asap. Even if you are not Brazilian, I ask you to take the time and vote for him to be eliminated. It would be great to see the gay community get together in the next two days to prove that we stand against everything that Dourado has been saying, and the homophobic agenda he's been promoting daily on national television.


After the jump, a video with some of Dourado's most homophobic moments so far on the show.
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Clovis Casemiro (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay readers on 23/01/2010 tagged with tourism, human rights, laws and leadership
Hello from Brazil - I am today (Jan/2010) the IGLTA (www.iglta.org) Ambassador for Brazil, and for 12 years I worked with the Gay and Lesbian tourism to my country. And really happy and proud to know that we have more than 150 Gay Prides Parades from a very small town in the Amazon, to the Beaches Pride Parades like Rio, Floripa or Fortaleza, to our big Sao Paulo. As Gay and Lesbian Tourism Brazil is a great destination to all LGBT People, from all over the globe. And I can say that you can choose the beautiful coast, or our rivers like the Amazon, mountains like Petropolis or Gramado - where LGBT are welcome and can enjoy a lot o fun. Brazils has also "gay beaches" in Rio, Floripa, Fortaleza, Cabo Frio, and more. Also you can count on me for more details in your next trip, send me a message to brazil@iglta.org.
CARNIVAL is our next big party for all tourist, next 12 to 17 February 2010. Enjoy our music, gastronomy, historical cities, people, caipirinhas, nigh life and more!
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