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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in BANGLADESH...
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Rijoan (user currently living in BANGLADESH) posted for gay readers on 17/02/2014 tagged with gender identity
In my own life experience-I just want to say ‘Open up with self identity as a different desire in Muslim family” is a still big challenge to overcome and based on that particular issues, most of the “Kothi-MSM as like me and some cross dresser’ (MA: cross dresser means-they are man in day light, but in night they are wearing some girlish dresses only for sex partner collection purpose) little by little fighting with family, friends and as well as with law, society etc.
Here I just want to share my own success story for great example as an opportunity, what actually we can follow in other’s Muslim society.
“Open up with self identity as a different desire in family”
My fascinating eyes, illusive sights and sweet face create joyful feelings on my mothers mind since me was born. Gradually some symptoms developed in mine which makes my parents sad frustrated. But i was confident enough on my aim by ignoring the bad comments of neighbors and the criticism of my relatives and friends. Me continues my study and classic dance practice devotedly though my friends and classmates insulted me for that. Nothing can change the mindset of mine, rather i tried to make people understand that it is my passion and also wants to contribute to change the economic condition of my family through dance. Then they comments on me that” you are very close to be a “She male” and “Hijra”!! . Me bears all the stigma puts on me quite silently. After receiving the “Advocacy and Communication on LGBT rights and Legal issues” training from Bandhu Social Welfare Society me became capable to make my parents understand that how they are suffering for their elder son, where as me is earning and continuing my study through income from dance. Me than asks my parents-who is ensuring you respect and honor in society? My fateher thought that it is really true that for his elder son sometimes police used to come at our home, but one day it was only because of me when my teacher introduced him as the father of their best student ! That day the tear of joy came to his eyes! He realized that it is dissent matter for him that me is his feminized son, but me is his true blood. He can earn some respect from the society through me. My father embraced me and says” from today you can grow up with your freedom and will continue you education”. Me is quite happy and satisfied now with my own life. Me also convinces my friends through negotiation. Everyone in my surroundings now specially recognizes me. So, I think this are the achievement of our work together as LGBT community as well as LGBT friendly CBO-led NGO .
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Bushra (user currently living in BANGLADESH) posted for lesbian readers on 24/12/2013 tagged with intersex, at the work place, lgbt families, health, gender identity, human rights, sexual orientation +5
Hey there. This is Bushra from Bangladesh. I currently live in Dhaka and I'm 19 years old. I've been working with some Bangladeshi organisations that deal with sexual minorities in Bangladesh. I myself am trying to build up an organisation that deal with only lesbians and bisexual women in Bangladesh. Our aim is to reach out to as many women we can to invite them to this group so that they can be themselves. Homosexual people are still very discriminated in this country. We are providing them a space to open themselves up, talk it out and do some social work as safely as possible.

I hope ILGA and other Bangladeshi fellows will appreciate our/my work and maybe a part of it.
Take good care all.

If you wanna contact me then mail me at cosmicrayotc@yahoo.com
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Opu posted for gay readers on 09/09/2012 tagged with gender identity +5
Hi ! this is masbah from bangladesh and as a MSM people,i faced lot of social and family stress without any friendly help.Still i dont know how i pass my life,what i want to do.Can i stay with my lovers or not,can i get family support or not? i really don't know.Who can help me?I dont know.
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