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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in AUSTRALIA...
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jato (user currently living in AUSTRALIA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 28/07/2014

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falundafahao (user currently living in AUSTRALIA) posted for gay intersex readers on 09/08/2013 +4
Saving gays, we are in action!
Dear friends,

I was shocked to know the news of President Obama’s announcement of gay ambassadors.

Master Li Hongzhi once said that homosexuality is not human behavior, it is incest, immoral and crime. The homosexual people lose their sensibility and are psychologically dirty and abnormal, they are bad people and will be first eliminated by God.
Homosexuals not only violate the standards that gods set for mankind, but also damage human society’s moral code. In particular, the impression it gives children will turn future societies into something demonic.

Do you want to see your own children to be homosexual?

Falun Dafa has for the first time throughout the ages provided the nature of the universe to human beings, which will help homosexuals find themselves again, and break out of that dark state of mind..
Join us now, and follow the works of saving gays from being eliminated till the end!

Master Li bless you!
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Leigh Johnston (user currently living in AUSTRALIA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 12/03/2013 tagged with human rights, laws and leadership , marriage / civil unions, illegality of female to female relationships
Hello ILGA friends, I wonder if you could help my 2 girlfriends gain some support and attention by posting the following link to your webpages and any social networking page you oversee. They are about to marry each other and have invited someone special to their wedding!!


The more attention we get the more exposure and chance of the girl's dreams come true! Please read. Thank you for taking interest, as this is in all our interests!

Kind regards,
Leigh Johnston
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(user currently living in AUSTRALIA) posted for gay transgender bisexual readers on 16/01/2013 +5
my name joe i'm a muscle man i really want to find a friend so if u want call me 0414183053 9728 1333 (only gay or transgender )
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(user currently living in AUSTRALIA) posted for gay readers on 16/01/2013
hello my name is tony 30y moble 0415553027 i'm a gay ,my story just about dick that all because i like to suck all day i'm a good sucker if any one like to be friend just call me any time we go for some
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Erick (user currently living in UGANDA) posted for gay lesbian transgender readers in response to this story on 01/08/2012
hey wats up this is interesting how are you doing though, well how can i get connected to partners in the rainbow region
call me or text me on +256774970030
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Rob (user currently living in AUSTRALIA) posted for gay readers on 21/07/2012 +5
Hello World! I'm Rob, I have had a pretty cruzy life so far. I realised I was Homo when I was about 14 my dad new when I was two, he new unlike his other 5 sons I was different but never treated different and loved unconditionally. My mum's a bit different, she's a homophobe, racist, narrowed minded, Christian Alcoholic it's taken decades of hard work to understand her but I love her none the less. I live in an awesome party of the world, it's subtropical rural 20mins to the coast and has the largest Gay and Lesbian community out side Sydney, so it's easy to connect with like minded people and it's called the rainbow region.
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We'd like to share a variety of experinces articulated in Digital Stories on the www.rainbowfamilytree.com project! Let us know what you think about sharing everyday stories for social change ; )
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john (user currently living in UNITED KINGDOM) posted for gay readers in response to this story on 08/02/2012 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention
Hi there Lloyd.

Afer reading your post on Australia and how accepting it is for people who maybe gay, I am just wondering if there are any issues on homosexuality and the travelling community over there? Not as in tourists but gypsies? I am thinking of doing some research out there but need to first see if this is worth while. There isn't much literatue on this online and in library's in UK. If you could get back to me on this that would be much appreciated. Thanks John
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Lloyd (user currently living in AUSTRALIA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex readers in response to this story on 16/09/2011
Also, sorry, I meant to add my email address for support. I live in Australia and will try to respond to all people for support. boogienights@mail.com. Please note: this is not a hoax, and I cannot send any money! It is simply for people who want to have correspondence with someone for support regarding issues with sexuality. Thanks, Lloyd
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Lloyd (user currently living in AUSTRALIA) posted for gay lesbian readers on 16/09/2011 tagged with human rights
Hi I'm Lloyd, I am 27 and live in Queensland, Australia. Life is pretty good for gay people in Australia. Although it can be a fairly masculine culture, things are changing and we have hate laws and anti discrimination laws. I consider myself lucky. I am all too aware of what my gay brothers and sisters around the world face in too many countries. For this reason, I have been letter writing, campaigning and just had my first article printed in a magazine about the situation in Ghana. I believe the most powerful forces of homophobia are religion and misunderstanding. I salute those who stand up for their rights in the harshest of environments. I also send my best wishes and love to those that are persecuted. If you have access to the internet, hop on...it's a big world, and you will find out you are not alone! There is nothing wrong with you. There are forces against you. I hope things will change for the better for us one day. With love, Lloyd.
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Yachting Gate (user currently living in GREECE) posted for gay lesbian readers on 07/06/2011 tagged with tourism +0
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Our proposal
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Motor Yacht Falcon (carries 10 passengers). Available only for groups of 10 passengers / booking availibility: July, August, September 2011 / Cruising speed 25 nautical miles per hour / Yacht cost per week: 58.400 € / Cost per passenger 584 € per day X 7 days 4.088 €

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The Yachting Gate Group
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I am a homosexual male, living in Australia. I have been fortunate to live in a country where I can be as open about my sexuality as I like. Reconcilling this with my faith, however, has not been easy. Not only do I consider myself gay, but also deeply religious. My Christian faith has been my strength in times of despair and worry, and I cannot imagine ever not believing. What breaks my heart is that less and less people are practicing their faith these days, or even HAVE faith. Is it really becoming that foreign or strange, or even corny, to believe in God and sing His praises in church every Sunday? Of course, practicing one's faith isn't just a once-a-week thing, it's an all-the-time thing. Making such a huge commitment is a scary thing, but I think it's one we all need to make. There are so many gay christians out there who are comfortable about practicing their faith. So go on... take that leap of faith today!
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Phil Walcott (user currently living in AUSTRALIA) posted for gay readers on 19/05/2010 tagged with human rights
The Age of Consent in Australia is now the same for all people. It's sixteen (16)across the board. Please change the information on your site to reflect this.
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Stephen (user currently living in BELGIUM) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers in response to this story on 23/02/2010
We've amended the site and the Australian page now tells about the unequal age of consent in Queensland. Thanks for this comment.
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Ted (user currently living in SOUTH AFRICA) posted for gay readers on 01/02/2010 tagged with marriage / civil unions, marriage +10
This is a happy story! I live in South Africa, In late 2006 SA became the 5th country in the world to allow gay marriage/civil unions by 2007 I married the love of my life & have been married happily ever since. This was a triumph & a justice for human rights.
I'm now in the process of immigrating to Australia with my life partner & we are both ready to stand up with the LGBTI of Australia! It's up to all of us to join hands in peace & dignity & aspire all human beings to LIVE & LET LIVE! Australia's leaders will hear the cry of the people especially when we all stand together as a proud nation. To all Australians you have my support & millions of others! stand united & never give up your fight to dignity, love & respect. Peace to all LGBTI!!!!!
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