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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in ALGERIA - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
Note this is a public forum so take care when attaching any e-mail addresses or phone numbers. Nasty people may be viewing this site as well as friends! There is no need to be registered on the website, and your story will be completely anonymous.
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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in ALGERIA...
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(user currently living in ALGERIA) posted for gay readers on 12/01/2010 tagged with illegality of male to male relationships +30
I AM PERSECUTED I SEEK REFUGE TO THE FREE WORLD. I AM 35 YEARS OLD MAN,i feel a big pressure on me,i am forced to get married,humiliated,segregation,homophobia,please help me .i think seriously to commit suicide.
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Craig (user currently living in UNITED KINGDOM) posted for readers in response to this story on 12/01/2010 tagged with human rights, illegality of male to male relationships +20
I can only imagine how difficult is must be to be a gay in Algeria and I am sure there are many other people like you in this world in a similar situation.

You are not alone in your fight! I believe many countries allow people to seek asylum for LGB reasons, although I am not sure which. I'd hope that ILGA or some other group would be able to inform you better.

Remember you are born who you are and no matter what the laws in your country and your fellow friends, colleagues and family believe, there is nothing wrong with *who* or *what* you are.

Give things time, there is a solution to everything no matter how hard things might seem. We need to make life better for the world - if not for us but for future generations - and you can help that happen.

Love and kisses and please stay strong!!
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zakaria (user currently living in ALGERIA) posted for gay readers on 29/05/2014 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention +10
in algeria if you are a LGBT or an LGBT supporter everybody will looks at you like you are a freak or someone from another planet i don't know why they acting like that against the LGBT they did'nt choose to be like that this is their destiny even your family will treat you so rude and the LGBT organizations here they are really falling asleep they even work for their own profits it is completly strange and the LGBT are the victim !!
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ahmed (user currently living in ALGERIA) posted for gay readers on 13/09/2011 +5
hello.how are you?im ahmed from algeria i have 27 years.i'm gay.and I am proud to say that.but I live in a Muslim country they Hate gay. And treat them bad. I can not take it any more I have many problems with family and friends and even at work.they Say hurtful words to me because I'm gay. And I hope you help me to give me Sites or groups to help me to leave this country.Because my life is in danger
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