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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in ALGERIA...
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(user currently living in ALGERIA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 26/11/2013
2005, I was student in third year college going back home for holidays .My parents house is in a town 600km far from the nearest town ,in the desert. I stoood on the road asking for a ride, as a student I couldn't afoard bus moeny.I was dressing very normal; a jean not very tiet and a T-short.All normal guy standing on the raod wating for a ride. My manners were never feminine in my life and I was n't acting in that moment other than what I used to. There they come,in a truck, dirt and old. They stopped said they are going to my destination and ok to take me with them. They were three.After only five minutes the driver said (we must go back to the city because we have no water).Ok, if we are going to go back for that reason I do not mind, I am very glad that I got a free ride. When turning they took an other road, they said it was a short cut. They were talking nicely but start to point out (how elegant and cute I was) and the driver were talking about his experiences with prostitutes and how they like to bed him and was asking me to guess why. After half i an hour I became realy unconfortable with the converstaion. They stooped , brought up mariguana and stated to smoke.they insisted I should smoke, they really did in a nice way but very insisting. I couldn't but give it a try which made me caugh. One of them put his hands on me and said (what r u a girl? )and I felt his hands were not touching me in a normal way. Ok, now I know I am with three people ,who are driving a very old truck atht is very probably not able to o for 100 kilometers, who are mostly for sure when they say they are going to a town 600km away.I am just now sure they are a group of sick persons wo are going soon to rape me here and who are going to let me in the middle of the desert probably to die under the heat of son and no water around. I pretended go to pie. One of them was puting his eyes on me all the time like he looks to a girl or something. I went far from them, I gues they thought I have no where to go to and will be back. Well ,that never happened because I would prefer to get lost in the desert than beign raped, especially at the time when I had had never any real sexual gay relathionship. I am son of a desert city and I now how to walk in the vast desert. I memorised the way to the main raod. I went toward it and after about one hour I was on the road. However When I arrived I saw the three persons in their old silly truck coming and I knew that this they will be no easy with me and was wondering am I going to fight?.In that vey moment a work truck was coming I really (and I mean really) rn toward them and screamed, they stopped and the driver was an old man who works in construction sands transportation. I said; please please take me with you , those persons are after me I do not know why or what they want. He came down and I was pointing to the group who was only few meteres away . All the suddain they went the other way as fast as there stupid truck could do. the old man tok me to the big city and never talked or asked and I think he just understood every thing .at the city I headed directly to the police office and I told them every thing and that my luggage is missing because I left it behind but I never told the police about the sexual harrasments. Telling them about it would simply make me a suspect of 'gay prostitution'.I jsut said that these people took my lugage. I managed to get to my parents home after three days, in peace. However I decided to be more carfeful in the future.
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