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Hymn-quoting condom ad ruled acceptable

in NEW ZEALAND, 22/03/2014

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation's not so merry tradition of being the target of Advertising Standard Authority complaints has continued, with a cheeky take on a hymn raising ire this time.

C. Da Silva was unhappy with a Christmas-inspired Love Your Condom poster on Ponsonby Rd which stated "Oh Come All You Faithful".

"This company is using a Christian Christmas song to make ads to use a condom," Da Silva complained. "I am not opposed to have ads about using condoms and I understand tongue and cheek, and all their ads are, but this is a bit much. I saw a poster on Ponsonby Rd this morning and I found it highly offensive …”

The complaint has been thrown out, as a series against LYC and Get It On ads have.

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