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A Christchurch Pride Rainbow Politics event has heard New Zealand still has a long way to go to address inequalities around gender identity.
Work needed on gender identity equality

in NEW ZEALAND, 22/03/2014

Green MP Jan Logie said there were areas which need to be addressed to improve equality in New Zealand. She said improvements should be made in the collection of population based data in the New Zealand Census and New Zealand Health survey that is inclusive of gender identity, self-identified sex and sexual orientation statistics.

Logie was speaking at the Rainbow Politics event at the University of Canterbury and was joined by Labour MP Maryan Street and marriage celebrant Joanne Neilson in a panel discussion led by Christchurch Central Labour candidate Tony Milne.

Street agreed there were still more things to be done within the glbti community to gain legal equality in New Zealand.

“There are still things remaining on our agenda around gender identity where they still do not have equality before the law."

She said there were laws that needed to be changed to deal with that, including the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act, the Citizens Act, the Adoption Act; the Care of Children Act, and the Vulnerable Children’s Act.

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