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IMAGINING EQUALITY: Your Voices on Women’s Human Rights, An Online Media Project.

in WORLD, 22/03/2014

What are women’s human rights?  Are all women given the same rights? Are men and women equal yet?  What are your hopes for the world’s women and girls in the decade ahead? We are accepting submissions of any media type for our new global online media project Imagining Equality: Your Voices on Women’s Human Rights. Submissions of photography, video, audio, journalism, creative writing and more are accepted online through: 4/30/2014.

As the UN prepares to create a new set of international development goals, we want your voices and ideas to spark a global conversation about a new decade for women’s human rights. What issues should be at the forefront as we imagine a new future for the world’s women?

International Museum of Women is now part of Global Fund for Women in a bold move to increase global awareness and action on women’s rights. The merger brings together IMOW’s skills in awareness raising, online advocacy and digital storytelling with the Global Fund’s expertise in issues, grantmaking, and fundraising. This bold move evolves and strengthens our work to illuminate critical issues, tell important stories, and amplify the voices of women who might otherwise go unheard.

Artists, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, writers— we want to showcase your work in this exciting new online showcase! Contributions must be in English, and can come in any medium (see details). In addition, work must address a topic related to women’s human rights.

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