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Taiwan Fights Special Marriage Rules

in TAIWAN (CHINESE TAIPEI), 08/03/2014

Gender rights advocacy groups yesterday condemned former Democratic Progressive Party chairman Lin I-hsiung over his comments that there should be special legislation for same-sex marriages, so that people do not confuse them with “traditional” marriages.

Speaking about same-sex marriage in his new book, Lin said that “Although we do not understand why people of the same sex would fall in love and develop a desire for each other, we should respect it as something private between the two people.”

He added that he believes same-sex marriage and child adoption by same-sex couples should not be banned, but it would be better if there were separate legislation for the “new type of union” so that it would not be confused with the traditional version.

“Traditionally, ‘marriage’ is defined as a union between a man and woman, but we believe that everyone — regardless of sexual orientation — should enjoy equal rights. That is why we are pushing for amending the Civil Code to allow same-sex marriage,” Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership secretary-general hChien Chih-chie told a news conference in Taipei yesterday.

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