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Myanmar Couple Fear Backlash

in MYANMAR, 08/03/2014

Following inaccurate press reports, a gay couple in Myanmar are now keeping a low profile after their widely reported ‘wedding’.

It was an unusual wedding for Yangon. Tin Ko Ko and Myo Min Htet tied the knot on March 2 at Excel Hotel, to cheers and applause from nearly 100 guests, including many individuals who identify as members of the LGBT community, rights groups and family members.

The couple walked slowly and smiling down the aisle hand-in-hand, both wearing Myanmar turbans, jackets and double-length paso. The sound of camera flashes filled the air. The blissful moment did not last long.

“I fear going out [of the house] to attend the office now,” Tin Ko Ko said on March 4, just two days after the wedding.

The local press coverage of the wedding had helped to fuel public outcry against the marriage. It also helped to attract police attention.

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