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Malaysian army
Malaysia’s Military Most Hostile To Gays

in MALAYSIA, 27/02/2014

The Malaysian military has the toughest stand against recruiting gays in Asia, an international study tracking lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) inclusion in armed forces worldwide has shown.

According to the LGBT Military Index 2014, Malaysia came 92nd out of a list of 103 countries, unsurprisingly marking its armed forces as the 12th most hostile towards LGBT.

Released by The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, an independent research group of the Dutch Ministry of Defence, the study ranked New Zealand for having the most gay-inclusive army in the world.

Thailand, according to the index, was shown to have the most gay-friendly military (48th) in South-east Asia, followed by the Philippines (50th), Vietnam (53rd) and Indonesia (67th).

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