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Transgenders trade blows at pension scheme launch

in INDIA, 27/02/2014

A meeting to announce pension for transgenders under the Mythri scheme on Thursday ended in a slugfest between two groups of sexual minorities. Over 800 transgenders were present at the event held at Ravindra Kalakshetra on JC Road.

The government identified two associations, Sangama and Karnataka Sexual Minority Forum, to coordinate the scheme. However, other groups who were not part of these two also wanted to be coordinators. This led to an argument. Police and prominent activists from the transgender community had to intervene to pacify the clashing groups.

Kiran, a transgender activist and member of the Karnataka Sexual Minority Forum, said only organizations recognized by the government will be able to verify and enrol transgenders in the state. "If all transgenders don't come under one association, our community will never be able to enjoy the perks given by the government," she said.

An official order released on Thursday stated that all transgenders above the age of 40 will get a monthly pension of Rs 500.

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