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in AUSTRALIA, 24/02/2014

NSW Police Force has played a pivotal safety role in the parade throughout the years but it’s our marching contingent that makes me most proud. Since 1996, NSW Police officers have added a splash of blue to demonstrate support and commitment to the lesbian, gay bisexual, trans* and intersex communities.

I am extremely proud the force recognises the importance of marching in the parade, signifying our strong support and solidarity with the LGBTI community. As an organisation, it provides us an opportunity to recognise and respect our own workforce diversity through acceptance of everyone’s unique attributes.

Our theme for the 2014 festival is ‘We are many shades of blue’, and more than 50 officers from across NSW, including the Police Band, will take their place in the parade. These officers are predominantly gay and lesbian liaison officers (GLLOs), who play a significant role in building our capacity to better respond to a range of issues affecting LGBTI communities.

GLLOs are especially committed to drawing mutual understanding both within and outside the NSW Police force and they are considered our experts on same-sex domestic violence issues, beats, bias crimes against LGBTI communities, transgender and intersex  issues.

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