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Love Stories 2014: Fighting Violence and Inequality Through Love

in INDIA, 24/02/2014

In a country which is now more ruled by violence than love, where people are harassed, bullied, bashed, raped and killed mercilessly for just being themselves; the dream of a loving and free country is getting shattered. Curbing racism, misogyny, homophobia, sexism, among other forms of discrimination is becoming more challenging. The means and ways of violence are ever increasing and it is scary.

Whether it is a tribal girl who is gang raped in a remote village of Bengal, or a lady who is killed in the name of honour in the rural backyard of Haryana, or a young boy from north east who is killed in Delhi, or a Dalit who gets murdered for daring to love an upper caste, or a young boy who gets electrocuted since he just followed his heart to love another boy, everyone gets murdered, gets violated.

What is even more astonishing is the fact that most of the violent incidents are not reported because there aren’t enough strong laws to restrict the crimes. Prantakatha, a youth organisation, is launching a nationwide campaign called ‘Love Stories 2014’ to document such stories of violence. The campaign will be in the form of a survey. Prantakatha will collect over 1000 stories from across the country where a person’s right to love has been violated by a state, a community or a society.

The campaign will be launched on 14th February 2014, a day marked for celebration of love all over the world. On the eve of Republic Day next year, i.e. 25th Jan, 2015, Prantakatha will release a book named “Love Stories” with a collection of these 1000 stories.

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