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Bekitaktakan video on misconceptions about LGBTs goes viral

in PHILIPPINES, 08/02/2014

A fun, yet informative video tackling the common misconceptions about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people has been making the rounds of social media as soon as it was released on YouTube Monday.

“Bekitaktakan: Normal ba ang pagiging bakla?” features the star of Maxie the Musicale, Jayvhot Galang, as he answers five questions that are commonly asked of the LGBT community.

“My son loves to play with dolls. Is he gay?”, “Is homosexuality a disease?”, and “Is homosexuality just a phase?” are among the queries Galang answers, sometimes with sarcasm, but always with playfulness and charm.

Some gems such as “Ang mag-stereotype ay (To stereotype is) very wrong,” and “Do not judge a book by its bookstore” are among the nuggets of wisdom he imparts.

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