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Poster from the Facebook Page of the event
LGBTs To ‘Reclaim The Republic’

in INDIA, 26/01/2014

This year the country is going to witness a spectacle that has not been seen much in the history of India’s republic day ever. Representatives of different groups and organisations around the country are coming together for a solidarity march “We The People, Reclaim our Republic” this republic day. The march will start at 2:30 pm from Barakhamba Road-Tolstoy Road Crossing till Jantar Mantar in the capital.

The event page on facebook says: “This Republic Day, as the government-sponsored parade of weapons, and its simplistic representation of ‘Unity in Diversity’ make its way down Rajpath, will your place in the Republic be represented? Or will your concerns continue to be ignored?” This historic march also strongly argues that “while we mark the adoption of our progressive Constitution, let us not forget that the rights of the most marginalised in our society continue to be gravely violated. As citizens, we are painfully aware that we continue to face violence and discrimination due to our gender, sexual, caste, class, ability, racial, regional, and religious identities.”

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