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Ali Choudhry and Matt Hynd (Photo credit: Kate Bailey)
“Inaccuracies” in Immigration Dept claims: Choudhry

in AUSTRALIA, 19/01/2014

The couple at the centre of a deportation struggle has refuted recent claims made by the Immigration Department in a statement regarding their visa rejection. Pakistani-born Ali Choudhry made headlines over his then-impending deportation to his birthplace on January 8 following a partnership visa rejection despite having an Australian partner of almost four years.

Choudhry was told last week that he had been granted a bridging visa until the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) reviewed his latest appeal.

Following public outcry and support, Choudhry and partner Matthew Hynd publically refuted a statement the department released last Thursday.

It said that Choudhry was “in no danger of being deported” and that a bridging visa was granted while any application was being processed.

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