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Security chief Lai Tung-kwok. Photo: Sam Tsang
Sex-change brides and grooms on the cards for Hong Kong

in HONG KONG, 10/01/2014

Men and women who have undergone a full sex-change operation will soon be able to wed according to their new gender if proposed amendments to the city's marriage laws go according to plan.

In its clearest signal yet on what action the government will take following last July's landmark ruling on marriage for a male-to-female transgender person known only as W, the Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok extended the Court of Final Appeal ruling by widening the order to include post-operative female-to-male people.

He also re-emphasised the need for caution in introducing a gender recognition ordinance which would pave the way for a much wider raft of legal protection for transgender people.

The changes to the marriage and matrimonial causes ordinances will include "the concrete requirements of sex reassignment surgery and also include a woman becoming a man", Lai told the Legislative Council's security panel yesterday.

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