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Khan mocks homophobes in hilarious vid

in INDIA, 13/01/2014

Indian Bollywood star Imran Khan has taken a stand against his nation’s re-criminalisation of gay sex in an online video were he answers ignorant questions about gay people.

He sarcastically says you can make people ‘un-gay’ by flicking a switch on the back of their necks.

Other ‘stupid’ questions he tackles with wit are whether AIDS was invented by gay people and whether he is himself gay as he supports gay rights. To the latter he responds that he must also be a dolphin because he supports the ethical treatment of animals, and that he must also be a tree because he supports environmental causes.

The video is just the first of a series. watch the video here

Khan told the Hindustan Times that he had no hesitations about being a prominent straight ally in the fight for lgbti rights in India.

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