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Bharathi Kannamma, a transgender activist addresses the students of Saraswathi Narayanan College during an awareness camp in Kombadi on Wednesday. Photo: G. Moorthy
An eye-opener for students

in INDIA, 05/01/2014

It was an enlightening and fruitful experience for students of S.N. College who participated in an awareness programme on transgenders here on Wednesday. Numerous intriguing queries were posed by the students during the interactive session such as who are transgenders? Are they born transgenders? Can transpeople claim right to family property? Can they enter into a marital relationship? and so on.

Y. Narendran, a first year B.Sc Computer Science student of Saraswathi Narayanan College said the programme was really beneficial. Confusion about transgenders and their lives were cleared, he added.

Speaking about the misery of transgenders, J. Barathi Kannamma, a transgender activist said, “the society thinks that we are rude and lewd, but they must understand one thing that most transgenders are disowned by their families and it is the society which drives them into prostitution and begging.”

She responded to their questions and urged the students to spread the message about transgenders in the society in a positive way.

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