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US Federal Court Oahu Hawaii (Photo: D Ramey Logan)
How Hawaii is handling gay divorces

in UNITED STATES, 05/01/2014

A lesbian couple filing for divorce highlights the need for comprehensive changes in all states’ official proceedings once they legalize gay marriage.

Two weeks after Hawaii legalized gay marriage, a lesbian couple filed for divorce. Divorce attorney Gavin Doi told KHON 2 local news he received a call last month from a lesbian couple who wished to end their partnership. The couple lives in Hawaii but married on the mainland in 2012. Since Hawaii legalized gay marriage 2 December 2013, same-sex couples can also now file for divorce. For the most part, same-sex couples can not file for divorce in states that don't recognize same-sex marriage. States like Arizona and Wyoming do not recognize same-sex marriage but will process gay divorce.

‘I was a little surprised. I guess we would have expected it at some point. I just didn't expect it that quickly,’ said Doi in an interview.

Though hundreds of same-sex couples have married in Hawaii in the weeks following the legalization of gay marriage, the state has yet to update the filing procedure for gay divorces.

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