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Redbox faces anti-gay backlash for agreeing to carry LGBTI film Bridegroom

in UNITED STATES, 31/12/2013

Redbox began offering the accclaimed gay-themed documentary Bridegroom in its DVD rental kiosks earlier this month. Now the company is facing backlash from anti-gay forces who are urging people to boycott the popular kiosks.

Shane Bitney Crone, the subject of the movie and one of its producers, says angry consumers have sent numerous emails and letters conveying disappointment in the company for carrying the film.

'Even some radio hosts and church groups have encouraged others to boycott the popular Redbox video rental kiosks completely, simply because they are against a love story about two men,' Crone wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday (29 December). The film tells the story of Crone’s relationship with his late partner, Tom Bridegroom who was killed in an accidental fall from a rooftop. Crone’s grief was compounded when Bridegroom’s family banned him from the funeral and tried to erase all evidence of their happy life together.

Redbox President Anne Saunders believes the movie tells an important story and contains a powerful message and had pledged to get the movie into all of Redbox's 44,000 kiosks by 17 December.

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