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“Same Sex Love in India” edited by Ruth Vanita and Saleem Kidwai.
Love and Gender, According to the Hindu Epics

in INDIA, 20/12/2013

Now that the Supreme Court has restored the 19th-century ban on homosexuality, when all the arguments are done, when we Indians have heard everything about freedom over our bodies and homosexuality being a Western import and the right to privacy and more, maybe it’s time to remember our traditions. Perhaps there are lessons there about homosexuality too.

The gender ambiguity is itself an ancient tradition that says things about how casually we once viewed these themes. In a Tamil Nadu temple, for example, it is Shiva who is worshipped as a woman: a mother who comes to help a daughter in need. In this form, he is called Tayumanavar (“He who became a mother too”). Read more

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