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Fort Bragg chapel holds first same-sex ceremony

in UNITED STATES, 24/12/2013

Three years ago, Maj. Daniel Toven couldn’t imagine being married, let alone having a ceremony in Fort Bragg’s Main Post Chapel. Like all gay soldiers at the time, he was living under the policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” — a policy that kept separated his personal life and his work.But after a whirlwind of changes that began with the repeal of the ban in 2011, Toven and his partner, Johnathan Taylor, have broken ground.

The pair, who wed in Washington, D.C., in August, blessed their marriage before more than 100 people at Fort Bragg on Saturday.

The ceremony — while not technically a wedding, which would be barred by state law — is believed to be the first for a same-sex couple at Fort Bragg. The couple exchanged vows and were blessed in front of their family and friends packed in the chapel, which dates to 1934.

Soldiers in and out of uniform mixed with family and friends in the church pews during the Episcopal service, led by the Rev. Harry Abernathy.

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