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Nick Cheung on Working With Transgender Thai Actress, Poy, in “The White Storm”

in THAILAND, 08/12/2013

Known for starring in high-budgeted action films, Nick Cheung (張家輝) once spoke about his desire to film a relaxing romantic comedy. Though that wish may not be fulfilled anytime soon, director Benny Chan (陳木勝) and scriptwriter Alan Yuen (袁錦麟) did tease Nick with a special side story arc in their upcoming crime thriller, The White Storm <掃毒> – a romance with famous Thai actress, Poy.

Poy, also known as Treechada Petcharat, was born a male in 1986. At 17 years old, Poy underwent sex reassignment surgery. Two years later, she competed in the Miss Tiffany’s Universe pageant, an annual beauty contest held in Thailand for transgendered people. Not only did Poy win the title as Miss Tiffany, she also won the Miss International Queen, the world’s most prestigious transgender beauty pageant.

Known as Thailand’s most beautiful transgendered woman, Poy starred in many popular Thai films and even made herself known as Thailand’s most beautiful woman in Asia.

Starring as the Thai drug dealer Mina in The White Storm, the film is also Poy’s Chinese film debut. Benny Chan explained that Poy had beaten out many actresses vying for the part and praised Poy’s natural acting talent. “She’s also very brave,” said the director.

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