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LGBT Rights & Law - Special Call for Papers

in PHILIPPINES, 11/12/2013

The PHILIPPINE LAW JOURNAL is a student-edited publication devoted to the promotion of legal scholarship through research and writing. First published in 1914, the JOURNAL is the oldest English-language law review in Asia. The fourth issue of Vol. 88 shall be devoted to LGBT Rights & Law.

This themed issue, a first on the said topic in the Philippines, will present written works on LGBT rights, as well as laws concerning or affecting LGBT, in the context of or vis-a-vis constitutional, family, international, and human rights law, among others. The purpose of this issue is to provide a space for the views of proponents and opponents of LGBT rights, and to initiate a serious debate on LGBT law, in the hopes of enlightening policy and decision-making.

As the first issue set for release after its 100th anniversary in August 2014, this issue aims to reaffirm the commitment of the JOURNAL to law reform.

The issue is scheduled for release in September 2014. Interested contributors may submit articles, research, student notes, comments or case notes, and features on the said topic until June 30, 2014.

Kindly email your submission 9.doc or .docx format to plj@up.edu.ph.

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