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Transgenders protest denial of inheritance

in WORLD, 15/11/2013

Two transgender siblings have been evicted from the family home by their brothers in an apparent bid to deprive them of their share of inherited property in Rajgarh, The Express Tribune has learnt.

Hasnain Ali alias Mathira told The Express Tribune that he and Ali Bakhsh were being victimised by their brothers Mohsin Raza and Muhammad Tauseef.

Ali said Raza and Tauseef described their transgender siblings as a cause for embarrassment.

Ali said their father Syed Ali Raza had died in August 2012 and left behind a 10 marla house in Rajgarh and 30 kanal agricultural land in Sheikhupura.
He said ownership of the land in Shaikhupura had been transferred to all the siblings; four brothers and five sisters.

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