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Study finds Vietnam’s trans people weighed down by bias

in VIET NAM, 15/11/2013

Forced to abandon education due to discrimination, community survives on jobs regarded as lowly, like performing at funerals.

A month-long study conducted on transsexual people’s livelihoods in Vietnam has found the community the victims of discrimination and stuck with unsatisfying jobs or no jobs at all.

The study – Sinh Ke Cua Nguoi Chuyen Gioi (Transsexual people’s livelihoods) – by the Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment (iSEE) has found the majority of respondents, 52 per cent, unhappy with their jobs, which they called badly paid.

Of the 223 trans women who took an online survey and 18 who were interviewed by the institute, only 78 had stable jobs while over 21 per cent were unemployed.

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