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Why gay women are suffering from breast cancer ‘care’

in WORLD, 15/11/2013

Human rights campaigners are calling for hospitals to use gender-neutral terms and have better training when it comes to treating LGBTI patients.

Going through breast cancer is one of the hardest things a woman may ever have to do. But if they are gay or bisexual, the suffering they have may not only come from the cancer, but the ‘care’ they are receiving. 

In the most recent report on UK gay and bi women’s relationship with breast cancer treatment, 70% have said they received homophobic treatment.

One in three women will contract a form of cancer at one point in their lifetimes, and many studies state gay and bisexual women are statistically more likely to get breast cancer. While men can also get breast cancer, it is rare,  so the majority of studies only look at women.

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