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Human Rights Defenders: Voices and Challenges

in BANGLADESH, 15/11/2013

On Thursday 19th September 2013 at the 24th session of the Human Rights Council, ILGA and FIDH held the panel “Human Rights Defenders: Voices and Challenges”. Tanvir Alim, from Boys of Bangladesh, shared with the audience the situation of LGBT people in his country.

Boys of Bangladesh (BoB) is the oldest running and the largest network of self-identified Bangladeshi LGBT living in the country and abroad.
It is a non-registered, non-funded and non-formal group is run by a pool of volunteers.
BoB works to break the taboo around sex and sexuality in the country, challenge the discriminatory norms of the society.


Read his powerpoint presentation attached.


See the overview of the panel, click HERE


Read also the interview related to the involvement of representatives from BoB in the UPR process of their country, click HERE


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