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Lawmaker Raymond Chan speaks at the Legco motion debate on transgender marriage. Photo: Dickson Lee
Bid to grant transgender marriage rights defeated in Legco

in CHINA, 22/11/2013

A legislator's motion calling for a law enabling transgender marriages and a gender recognition ordinance was voted down yesterday after the government appealed its rejection.

The 18-29 vote with 11 abstentions came almost six months after a post-surgery transsexual won the right to marry her boyfriend in a landmark case in the Court of First Instance that gave the government a year to decide whether a law was needed.

The various political camps were divided on the matter, reflecting the sensitivity of issues to do with sex in Hong Kong.

The non-binding motion, moved by the legislature's first openly gay lawmaker, Raymond Chan Chi-chuen, called on the government to amend the Marriage Ordinance and the Matrimonial Causes Ordinance so that transgender people could enjoy marriage rights. It also sought a gender recognition ordinance to deal with legal issues arising from sex reassignment.

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