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Human Rights Defenders: Voices and Challenges

in WORLD, 14/11/2013

On Thursday 19th September 2013 at the 24th session of the Human Rights Council, ILGA and FIDH held the panel “Human Rights Defenders: Voices and Challenges”. The documentary “The Time has Come”, produced by Arc international, was also shown to a very attentive audience.

Human Rights Defenders from around the world face a variety of challenges as they carry out their work. Some face harassment in their work and many face bureaucratic barriers. A few face detention or abduction, and sometimes they pay the ultimate price with their lives.

Those who work on human rights issues that have traditionally been neglected or marginalized often face specific obstacles. The rights they uphold may be especially contested or controversial, either because they challenge dominant social norms or because they are seen as threatening to the established political, religious or economic order. A prominent example is the case of those defenders who work on the human rights of persons who are of non-conforming sexual orientations, gender identities or expressions.

Introduction and moderation: Gloria Careaga Perez, Co-secretary General, ILGA
Tamara Adrián, Diverlex, Venezuela
F. M., Alternatives Cameroun - Read his presentation, click HERE
Tanvir Alim, Boys of Bangladesh - Read his presentation, click HERE
Monicah Kareithi, Kenya Human Rights Commission

At the end of the panel, the documentary “The Time has Come” was shown to a very attentive audience. The film, produced by Arc International, portrays a series of human rights defenders talking about SOGI issues and discrimination experience in their countries and concludes with their suggestions as to what the international community should be doing at the UN.
Watch the film, chick HERE 

This side event gave an opportunity to an audience of about 60 people to hear from some human rights defenders on their work, the challenges they are facing and also some of the assistance that they need from the United Nations and others. In addition the event was streamed live online and a further 20 people attended virtually.


See the photos of the panel on ILGA’s Facebook. Click HERE

See Flyer on the pdf document attached


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