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Marginalised: Transgenders protest against alleged torture by police

in INDIA, 09/11/2013

Khwaja saraas  held a protest on Monday over their alleged torture at the hands of police and residents of Islamia Colony.

Led by Eunuchs Association Provincial President Farzana, demonstrators gathered outside the Peshawar Press Club. Addressing the gathering, Farzana claimed they were severally tortured and told to leave their homes.

On Sunday, a clash erupted between transgenders and other residents of the area, after which the former went to the police to register an FIR. “Despite registering the case, police started beating them with their batons,” alleged Farzana, adding the locals also joined in the assault.

Residents of the area have reportedly started a campaign against khwaja saraas following the bomb blast at Madrassah Arif Hussaini in Gulshan Colony in June this year. Residents asked them to vacate their houses, claiming visitors posed a security threat to the neighbourhood.

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