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Actress Portia de Rossi
Portia de Rossi did not want to be a lesbian

in UNITED STATES, 02/11/2013

Actress Portia de Rossi opens up about her life before she came out and married comic Ellen DeGeneres. While in the closet, she had an eating disorder and planned to start dating once she saved enough money to live a more secluded life. In 2005, after deciding to come out, she was able to handle her eating disorder.

In The Conversation With Amanda De Cadenet, the Australian born actress admits before she came out in 2005 she did not want to be gay.

'I just didn't want to be a lesbian,' de Rossi said, as reported by E Online.

'I'd never met one for a start and I just thought they were strange and that they hated men and they were very serious and I had these ridiculous images in my head and there were no out celebrities or politicians or anybody that I could look to and go, "Oh, I could be like that,"' she continued.

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