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Police response to gay sexual assault victim prompts investigation

in AUSTRALIA, 27/10/2013

Criticism over Geelong police station’s response to the sexual assault of a gay man have prompted the victim to seek monetary compensation, and initiated an investigation of the incident by Victoria Police.

Zac Damelian was finally able to make a victim statement about the assault to a member of the Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team (SOCIT) in Melbourne, almost two weeks after the attack occurred.

“After having to contact senior level Victoria Police officers in order to make my victim statement, finally it was arranged at the Melbourne SOCIT for a member of the SOCIT team to actually take the victim statement,” Damelian told the Star Observer. “It has been relayed to me though that although the victim statement is being taken in Melbourne it will still be the Geelong SOCIT team who will investigate the matter.”

Following his reported sexual assault on September 27, Damelian felt ridiculed by the police response when he reported the attack to the Geelong police station, then was belittled by a public statement from police in the Geelong Advertiser the next day.

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