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National Day of Action against Abbott’s High Court block

in AUSTRALIA, 27/10/2013

Nationwide protests have been planned for next month in response to the Federal Government’s attempts to overturn successfully enacted state or territory based same-sex marriage laws through the High Court.

The rallies, set to take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth on November 23, will call for marriage laws – such as those recently passed by the ACT Parliament and to soon be considered by NSW’s parliament – to be upheld while also highlighting the need for reforms at a federal level.

A High Court challenge launched by Attorney-General George Brandis against the constitutional validity of the ACT’s Marriage Equality Same-Sex Bill commenced earlier today.

Cat Rose, co-convener of Community Action Against Homophobia, said though the success of the ACT legislation on October 22 was a historic day it was likely that state or territory-based same-sex marriage laws will not provide full marriage equality, particularly for transgender or intersex people.

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