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Transgender selected as lok Adalat member

in INDIA, 26/10/2013

The District Legal Aide Authority has selected a transgender, Bharathi Kannamma, as a member of Lok Adalat. She would appear for hearing along with three other panel members in the Lok Adalat scheduled this Saturday in the Madurai district court to solve the bank settlement issues.

District Legal Aide Authority Principal Sub Judge Jacintha Martin told Express that Bharathi Kannamma was chosen based on the services she rendered for the welfare of the transgender community. Bharathi will occupy the slot for a social worker member on the Lok Adalat, she said.

Bharathi would hear cases along with the three other panel members, said Jacintha Martin.

Giving details of her social activities, Martin said Bharathi started a free legal aide service as part of her Bharathi Kannamma Trust in 2013 and solved 32 cases, including usury issues, social stigma on HIV patients and family issues through the district legal aide authority.

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