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Transgenders assaulted in Pakistan's ex-cricket star's domain

in PAKISTAN, 26/10/2013

The president of Pakistan’s transgender association in Peshawar, the frontier city where suicide bombers killed over 80 churchgoers last month, says her community is facing eviction and police brutality.

Farzana, who uses only one name, called a press conference in the city Thursday, after a public protest Wednesday resulted in baton-wielding policemen beating up the participants, reportedly causing some to need medical treatment for injuries.

According to Farzana, she and other members of her community, who have been living in a residential area called Imamia Colony for over a decade, are being falsely accused of immoral conduct by the residents and being coerced to leave.

On Wednesday, some of the residents allegedly came to apartment and demanded that she and a friend who was with her dance for them. When she refused, Farzana said they were abused and beaten up.

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