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Gulf partner calls Kuwait’s gay medical test proposal ‘crazy’

in KUWAIT, 12/10/2013

Bahrain MP rejects medical screening idea, saying it can lead to discrimination against people from Asia and Europe.

Oil-rich Middle East state Kuwait’s controversial proposal to start a medical test to screen transgender visitors and ban their entry in the Arabian Gulf region has been rejected by rights organizations as well as a fellow Arab state, which called the plan crazy and a violation of rights.

Ahmed Al Sa'ati, an MP from Bahain, one of the smallest states in the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), dismissed the Kuwaiti proposal, calling it “crazy” and “illogical”.

‘This is a clear violation of human rights and we reject this proposal by the Kuwaiti official as it restricts the freedom of individuals,’ said Al Sa’ati, an independent member of the Council of Representatives, the lower house of Bahrain’s National Assembly, the country’s main legislative body.

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