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Dare Lebanon show sexplicit gay film tonight?

in LEBANON, 06/10/2013

Reports say Beirut International Film Festival faces censor disapproval on decision to include award-winning French thriller ‘Stranger by the lake’

Will they, won’t they? That’s what gay and other rights activists are wondering about the Beirut International Film Festival as it gets ready for tonight’s screening.
The film chosen in the Panorama section for the 10 pm show tonight is the controversial gay thriller “L’inconnu du lac” (Stranger by the lake), French director Alain Guiraudie’s 2013 work that has won both bouquets and brickbats.

While claiming the best director’s spot at Cannes this year as well as the Queer Palm, the story of the mesmerized man who knows his gay lover is a killer but is still drawn to him and self-destruction, was decried by Parisians, who tore up posters of the disturbing movie.

Now reports say Lebanon’s interior ministry has expressed disapproval of the film and it could be axed from tonight’s screening.

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