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Two transgender register in employment exchange

in INDIA, 27/09/2013

For the first time in Tamil Nadu, two transgender - P.Kajol and S.Priyanka - have registered in the employment exchange in Tiruchi.

This marks the fulfilment of a long-term demand of the community. A government order has introduced a column ‘T’ for transgender to register in the employment exchanges.

Kajol has a higher secondary qualification and holds a diploma in beautician course while Priyanka is a qualified nursing assistant. Getting themselves registered was not an easy task and has been fulfilled after three years of struggle, says Kajol. Kajol is the president of SAFE (Social Action for Emancipation), a community-based organisation that strives for the welfare of transgender.

SAFE was founded by Kajol in 2010 and has been effectively functioning to help transgender exercise their rights.

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