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Top Surgery No longer Offered by Auckland Surgeon

in NEW ZEALAND, 27/09/2013

Auckland surgeon, Wayne Jones, says due to an increase in workload he can no longer provide trans* and gender diverse patients with chest reconstruction surgery covered under the public health system.

Jones is the only surgeon in Auckland currently carrying out the procedure under the public health system and has been pivotal in providing the Auckland trans* and gender diverse communities access to such a vital service.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) states that chest reconstruction surgery – also known as ‘top surgery’ – is “Not optional in any meaningful sense, but understood to be a medically necessary treatment for a diagnosed condition.”

As it is trans* and gender diverse people lack access to the vital and most basic of medical services and treatments required to maintain a level of wellbeing.

Struggling to keep up with the high level of demand, Jones says the current waiting list for top surgery is under huge pressure.

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