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LGBT workplace inclusion guide for China launched

in CHINA, 27/09/2013

Asian workplace diversity non-profit Community Business has launched a guide to help businesses in China better understand the needs of their LGBT employees so that they can get the most out of their skills.

A new guide to LGBT inclusion in the workplace was launched yesterday in Beijing with the help of IBM and Goldman Sachs – two recognized global leaders when it comes to supporting their LGBT employees.

The ‘Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBT Employees in China’ resource guide was created by Asian workplace diversity non-profit group Community Business and highlights the business case for addressing the needs of LGBT employees and provides the cultural and legal context of LGBT issues in China.

The guide also provides a set of recommendations on how companies can create inclusive workplaces for LGBT employees and includes a number of examples of good practice.

Community Business see diversity and inclusion in the workplace as a new frontier in China but says the search for harmony among differences is not.

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