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Dr Jens M. Scherpe
'Let people change sex without surgery'

in HONG KONG, 13/09/2013

A legal expert has argued that the government should use British legislation as the benchmark when putting into place policy for transgender individuals.

Dr Jens M. Scherpe is a senior lecturer at Cambridge University and a visiting professor at the University of Hong Kong. He is also the principal organiser of a two-day conference on the legal status of transsexual and transgender people that began at HKU yesterday.

Scherpe's main point was that the government should start to address the process of recognising a person's acquired gender. To be classed as a different gender in Hong Kong today, you must first have reassignment surgery, which Scherpe believed was uncalled for. He said it was not a requirement in most European countries.

He believed government policy should take reference from British legislation, where gender recognition is achieved by considering different factors, including living in the acquired gender for a certain period of time, but not having to go through gender reassignment surgery.

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